Thanks for taking the time to watch Connor with HONOR on his youtube video about the HOA's and how to verify if they allow dogs and what breeds/sizes are permissible.

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Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (00:00):

Santa Clarita real estate agent connor with honor youtubeGood to everybody. Connor MacGyver last day of August, August 31st, 2021. I'm with exp Realty for now. I've been selling real estate since 1998, representing buyers and sellers. This is your Santa Creta update. I do want to talk about the market, but first I'm going to log into some different things. So we can talk about real estate inventory. And I will tell you that currently it's still very low and yes, I am shining because the gym is finished. And all right. So, uh, just so you know, as far as real estate inventory go is, goes at, is low. So the buyers out there, you folks that are looking to buy real estate, that includes our buyers. The biggest dilemma they're facing is finding the right house. So then what they're doing, if they're not seeing the right house and they really want to buy what they're finding out is they're starting to make certain allowances.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (00:52):

They're starting to say, well, you know, maybe I can, instead of maybe having a single story, because realistically in Santa Clarita valley, single stories consist about one out of five, one out of four residences. So there's not that many. So they do carry a premium. And in fact, the price per square foot is more expensive typically than a two-story. Even if the single story is not outfitted as well, if it's not updated anything like that, you're still going to be paying more for the most part for a single story, just because one out of five, one out of four happened to be that particular configuration. So what people are doing instead of saying, well, you know what, I'm going to get this one-story house. They're not seeing any for sale. So they see, you know, and I might take a two-story that happens to have a master bedroom suite on the bottom floor.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (01:40):

Typically they're not the master of what's going to end up happening in the main bedroom. The main bedroom master is a word that probably isn't used as much anymore, but that's what typically you would use to call that bedroom upstairs. So now with all the differences in the way things are described or nomenclature and such, it's probably not mastering Mars, probably the main bedroom. So typically the main bedroom had a bathroom attached to it. So we walk in, you have the bed, typically dressers, maybe exit to some kind of an outside area, maybe on the second level, some kind of a balcony, if you will. But then back inside that main bedroom, you have the main bathroom, which is attached to it. So it's going to consist of a lot of times in Santa Clarita, at least the configuration has a separate shower, kind of a box type thing.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (02:30):

And you're going to have, you know, the tall glass on the sides, and then you're going to have, uh, maybe a seat and then they're going to have the showerhead and such. Then next to that on the outside of it, you're going to have a large oval or some kind of a bathtub. That's usually the configuration, but it can be a lot of different things as well. Depending on the older homes, you might have just your regular in-shower bathtub that happens. We do see a lot of renovations out there that are involving claw tubs. That involves quite a bit of demolition though. You have to go on there and you have to pull things out. Some of the carpenter people and some of the contractors do a very good job at that. So they put these massive iron claw tubs in, but again, they're very heavy as well, especially then when you fill them with water.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (03:11):

So that floor a lot of times has to be reinforced. So before you get excited and going, I want to go and put a cloth tub in your master or main bedroom, make sure that you double-check. So what they're doing is then you transition from that kind of an area to downstairs. Typically that bathroom that's attached to that downstairs bedroom is not within the bedroom. Usually, that's going to be considered the guest bathroom, but in most cases in Santa Clarita, those bedrooms on the bottom floors of most two-story residences only consist of a toilet and a sink in this particular case because of the way it was designed from the beginning of the way that the owner ordered it from the builder or the way that it was just put together. What you're going to see is you're going to see that there's a full bathroom down there, but usually, it's accessible by others.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (04:03):

So if you have guests coming over and they have to use the restroom and you're entertaining, got something in there and you're entertaining, what's going to end up happening is they're not going to be having to go through your whoever's staying in that bedroom at the bottom level. They're not going to have to go through it, to access the bathroom. They're going to be able to just walk in straight off the hallway, but again, is it as cozy as having that, uh, bathroom inside the bedroom? Probably not, but again, people are making trade-offs. I guess the point is this. If you want to make a trade-off, great, just make sure that you're okay with it and make sure you speak to those that are in your periphery or those that are going to be living in the residence with you to make sure that it's an okay fit.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (04:44):

Make sure that it's going to work. I understand inventory is low. It's not always going to stay this way. However, that the magical question is how much longer is it going to take to see this inventory start to increase, to be able to slow down the market. At least maybe move the needle a little bit from a seller's market, more into a buyer's market seller. Of course, don't want that sellers are riding the wave currently. And it looks like it's going to go for a while, but we'll have to see what happens as always this time of year. As we start to close out summer, we start to break into fall. And then once we get into fall, we get no matter, right? That's the normal progression of things. You're going to start seeing a slowdown in real estate. You're going to see a slow down in houses listed.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (05:25):

You're more than likely going to see a slowdown in closings. You're probably going to see a multitude of price adjustments for people that have had their properties on the market awhile, especially as we transition from mid-fall to winter. As soon as we get finished with fall into winter, you'll start to see a lot of these adjustments. You're also going to start seeing a lot of properties that are going to be pulling themselves off of the market doing that 90 days reset. So it doesn't show as if it's been listed before carrying in this consecutive or continuous days on market timeframe. So you'll be able to watch that happen. Also, I'll continue to report here once a week to give you an idea of where the market is. So right now we want to look at that inventory. So I happen to have a saved search that I put together.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (06:07):

And I'll be able to give you that now below this video, depending on if you're looking at it on our blog, that's Santa Clarita, home forward slash blog. If you happen to be there, then you're going to see transcription below the video. And now the transcription is done by an automated service. I pay for the charge me a certain amount per minute, and then they regurgitate what I'm I've said. And a lot of times, uh, they're spelling my name. And instead of Mac, I VOR it's MacGyver-like the cat on

television. And I'm no good with tools like that. Like I can make explosives out of bubble gum. He's incredible. But moving into this, let's look at this inventory and find out. So you're going to see that transcription. The best thing to do is just actually watch the video. And once you do that, you'll be able to actually understand what I'm saying instead of reading the, uh, the information that the system put together, as far as the transcriptions.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (06:59):

All right, so we've got your daily inventory here. Now I'm running all of the real estates here in Santa Clarita valley. So we're going to be cast, stay at canyon country, new hall, saga Stevenson, ranch of Valencia. So I'm pulling all of that data. 348 listings on the market for sale. 25 of those are going to be coming soon listing. So if you're not familiar with coming, soon, listings came about probably two years ago now. And what had happened was there's a lot of syndication websites, those sites that are basically publicizing real estate listings, then once you click on them and then use one of their agents because their agents are paying them back a fee to be able to get your personal information. It's basically a lead generation system. And it's very, very lucrative for the people that design those websites, like the Zillow's out there of the world and truly, and so on.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (07:47):

So that's big money in that venture. But with that, they had a, uh, where they would allow agents to go in there and input properties that weren't actually based in the multiple listing service. So there were some potential legal issues that came up. So what ended up happening is the board of realtors said, you know what? We're going to go ahead and have a coming soon field as well. So that's what they've done. And they've given it 21 days to run. So if somebody puts a property on the market, they could make it coming soon, 21 days from today. That means that potentially, and there's a little field in there. If you want to see the listing, maybe early, you potentially can, but it's going to require you to contact your agent. The agent's going to end up contacting the other agent, figuring out if, in fact, those sellers are going to let that property be seen early, but at the end of the day, I'll tell you this.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (08:36):

There's usually no prize given for first-in, back in the day when I started real estate, there were people that saw first growth. The first offer had the first offer received, had their lender contact the listing agent, representing the seller. First, all of that stuff meant something. In fact, prior to fax machines that even with the advent of machines, back in that time, a lot of stuff was hand-carried. So there was a lot of passion. There was a lot of code. There was a lot of honor. There was a lot of feeling and empathy and a lot of other types of emotions that are involved when you take an offer that was handwritten with all the proper documentation and go hunt down that seller's agent to give them this particular package from your buyer on behalf of your buyer. So it was very, very meaningful today.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (09:27):

It doesn't have the face anymore today. It's kind of, if they know you if they know Connor MacGyver Connor with honor grades, a lot of times we're going to be dealing with agents that aren't local to the Santa Clarita valley, selling real estate out there. It does happen. We have listings all over Southern California. So realistically, that's not a big deal. You're going to still get those offers and still get those people wanting to write offers on real estate. However, it doesn't have that personal approach every once in a while, we're going to run into somebody we know, and that being the case, usually, it's probably a pretty good relationship depending on our past track record. But at least we know the agent

know if they're going to perform or not. Or if they're one of those agents, that's going to basically push off everything that needs to be done to us or vice versa.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (10:11):

So it's good to know who you're dealing with, but all the time, it just doesn't happen that way. It's still going. Yeah, it's drying up. All right. So let's move into this. So 348 total listings, the coming soon field 25 and you're on the syndication sites. Some of them might be displaying coming soon. I haven't seen that a lot. We put up a property in Ventura a couple of days ago, and I'm not seeing it publicized anywhere. So what ends up happening with coming soon? Usually, if you don't have access to a search that a live agent put together for you, you're not going to be seeing the coming soon listing. So what you need to do, if you happen to be out there looking for real estate, email me, or call me or text me and I'll put together with an insight matrix search for you via the board of realtors.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (10:55):

So you can see these coming soon listings. And basically, at least it'll give you an idea of what's coming. And that's a good time for you to do some investigations. Like, do they have Mello-Roos and you would ask me that had Connor does this particular property in five NOLs, for example, a California notice, does it have Mello-Roos tax or any kind of special assessments? You know, how much is the HOA? If it's not visible on there or whatever it may be, then you can ask those questions. A big question is that people have a lot of residential real estate in Santa Clarita valley that happens to be within some kind of a homeowners association. So it's a kind of management-controlled community. And they watch out for people potentially bringing in massive RVs and leaving them parked, you know, for days and days and days, or maybe painting your house, an obscure obscene color, as far as the neighbors are concerned.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (11:42):

So those sorts of things. So they come and they provide some kind of enforcement mechanism for those circumstances. A lot of people have questions though, you know, what can we do before they actually get into escrow and residential real estate? And a big one happens to be with pets. They might have a dog or a couple of dogs or three dogs. There are certain homeowners associations that limit the amount of pets sizes and breeds. So those are good phone calls to make. And when you do make those phone calls, if you happen to be looking at property in a particular area, and you have that question, make sure your agent's giving you the MLS information that's contained in there for that particular homeowner's association. So you can make the call and then do yourselves a favor after you talked to Tiffany or Janet or Sam or Frank, and you get that information from, they tell you, oh yeah, Mr.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (12:31):

MacGyver, you're fine. You don't have to worry about it. You can have a hundred dogs. It doesn't really matter. Or if they tell you you can't have any. Or if they say, well, we don't allow the pit bull breed in here, but we do allow this not to pick on pit bulls, but we do allow this type or this type or the dog can't exceed more than 30 pounds in weight, whatever it is then I want you to do yourself a favor, get this cat's email address, send them an email, subject lines, going to be pets allowed in whatever the area is. And then re-ask the question. And then give him the answer he gave you here. Frank, it was great talking with you today. It is Connor MacGyver. I was the one that called and referenced some dogs that I own. I want a couple of dogs I'm potentially going to be purchasing in the community, which you have your part of the homeowners association.


Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (13:20):

And I do have a Labrador retriever and a, uh, Shitzu. And I want to find out if those are going to be allowed or not. And then he would respond to you, Connor. You're fine. You're Labrador retrievers going to be allowed. It's all your SU so that's it. So they're going to be happy. You're going to be happy with that, but you have it in writing and, and that's very important. God forbid, Frank, being on his last day, Frank off at the association or the man really upset and he fires off and gives you bad information. That's not good for you. And it's probably funny for Frank, but at least you followed up in an email. So if you need to verify this later, so they don't think you're speaking out of your private parts, then they're going to be able to see it and you'll be able to show them, Hey, listen, I did do my due diligence.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (14:04):

I did ask, I did find out. But again, there is a follow-up to that when you do get into Asgrow, the seller's going to be paying for the documentation that goes with the homeowners association via the CCNRs. And you're going to see all that information and you're going to be able to actually read it in writing and, and clear legalese hopefully, but also the HOA association might send you chapter and verse as well. So they might send you first Corinthians chapter five, verse 13, But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person. or whatever it may be, but you'll be able to see it at least and see it in writing. So you can deduce from there, if in fact what you happen to have the pets that you love if they're going to be allowed. So that's a big part of today's presentation regarding pets because I do have a lot of folks that buy in particular areas.

Connor with HONOR Santa Clarita home experts (14:50):

And the last you want is them not saying Fido can't come because Fido's of a particular breed or a particular size or a particular whatever. So make sure you follow up with these people before you get too deep where you can't get out. I'm Connor MacGyver. Thank you so much for watching our update. Again. End of August. We're going to be venturing into July tomorrow. Can't wait to see what no, excuse me, September tomorrow. Ghanim going back in time when you're ready to reach out. Listen, I post all these Do you want to see a little bit more about me Connor with Probably spelling almost any way you want, but it's C O N N O R. For those that want to wake, hopefully, everybody's great. Again, thanks so much for watching. If you do me a favor, can you share this and like it and subscribe and do all that fancy stuff. It would mean the world. And I think it helps in some way. I still haven't figured that out that mechanism, but maybe I'm going to get a t-shirt or something in the mail. I'm looking forward to that Connor MacGyver. Thanks for watching. I'll be here. You have any questions regarding real estate, friends, and family. Send them my way. I'll take great care of them over now.