When it comes to credit and buying real estate, the higher the better. The same goes to purchasing automobiles - you probably have heard terms such as Tier - 1 and Tier 2, etc., when speaking about getting vehicle financing.

Reminder: Just in case you don't know. If you are in the process of buying a home, do not change your credit profile one iota.

Make sure if you do, you double check with your lender to get their blessing. When double checking, do it verbally and also put what they told you in writing in an email and send it to them just to make sure you understood what they said.

When you have a credit card, it's routine they check your credit. They are doing this to make sure they don't see any dangers which may relate to you paying them what you owe.

Just like the old saying, "Where there is smoke there is fire...", they are looking for smoke in the way of a decreased credit score and non payment pertaining to other credit lines.

To keep their shareholders happy, they check often. The same goes to your mortgage company, some utility companies, and others who you have a written contract for credit in place.

However, did you know that "non creditors", those whom you don't owe any money to nor have any contract in place, can also inquire into your credit score?

Most Consumers underestimate the impact of their credit scores. It's also a fact that a significant number of consumers don't even know that credit scores are used by non-creditors.

Another staggering stat is that only 50% of consumers know when lenders are required to inform the borrower of their use pertaining to the consumer's credit score.

Here are the three times a Lender is Required to inform a Borrower of their use of their credit score:

  1. After a mortgage application has been completed
  2. When not receiving the best terms on a home loan
  3. Whenever a consumer is denied a loan

I have also used this C.A.R. infographic to talk about some of the companies which you may not have known monitor and and look at  your credit score.

  • 53% of consumers know that electric companies may use your credit score
  • 68% of consumers are aware that cell phone companies look at the credit score
  • 66% of consumers know that credit scores may be used by home insurers
  • 70% of consumers know that landlords check credit scores

Who is checking your credit online

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