OMG - will the home sell without open houses and for sale signs?

Absolutely it will. I was a cop way too long to put any of my sellers at risk and I will stand here before everyone and say that these two methods of agent advertisement scream - RIP ME OFF!

I know that every time I speak about what I think, my trained and expert opinion about open houses and real estate for sale signs, I get berated by those who have the guts to do so.

The "others" that don't do it to my face, do a great job behind my back.

For sale signs and open houses don't sell homes as often as the agents who believe in or host them believe they do.

In some people's minds, the six degrees of separation theory is prevalent with real estate signs and open houses.

To refresh your memory six degrees of separation says everyone on the planet is connected to anyone else on the planet by 6 people.

For example, I don't know Hillary Clinton, but if I wanted to talk to her personally, I have six people that I know between her and me.

I just have to start making calls to my most influential people to get to speak with her.

The real estate sign lets people know the home is for sale, However, so do the real estate websites. Mine - is responsive and GPS enabled so you can see what homes are for sale in any neighborhood as you are looking, even those without for sale signs. That solves this problem.

Real Estate signage really does a great job at advertising the brokerages and their agents. Agents get sign calls from those who are wanting to buy and by those wanting to sell.

The open house does a fantastic job as advertising the real estate agent to others that may be wanting to hire them for their services.

The open house can be visited by anyone that gets to the advertised open house.

In some cases - we have seen that criminals enter open houses (besides the agent) :) - that was my way of being funny! Present company excluded of course.

Not all of those wanting to visit open houses are criminals. Some are going to be your neighbors and others are those who have an agent, but who don't want to bother their agent and want to go it alone. Some are kicking the tires of the real estate machine and others don't have a real estate agent and are considering buying a home.

Some of those visiting open houses, with the mal-intent will rifle through drawers, in the backs of closets and within medicine cabinets looking for the things they can steal with ease while the open house agent is watching TV or trying to convert visitors to their clients.

If there is going to be an open house, if your agent talked you into it, then make sure they cover all the "safety and security" bases with you on how you can keep your valuables protected.

For Sale, signs attract people to your home. Some of those people see signs as an indication that homes are vacant, ripe for thievery.

Our instruction to our Santa Clarita home sellers is always the same, do not open the door for anyone. Everyone should be gaining access with a notice from me and approval by you, and by using the lockbox that I have installed at your home out of sight on purpose.

Even if you are out, had gotten and approved the appointment text message from me, and someone with clients walks up to you as you are opening the door to drop off your groceries, they must still use the lockbox to gain access. This is true even if you have the door open for whatever reason!

Be safe - if you want your home listed for sale without a for sale sign and without open houses, contact me and I will explain more and debunk anything that you have been told otherwise by agents who aren't referral based.