Some people say that Military Veterans have all the benefits. I would not go that far after seeing what our Vets go through with their service and if they need medical after - it needs to be fixed for sure.

However, they can use a VA - Veterans Administration Loan and buy a home with zero down. They can also borrow against 100% of their home's value. This works where we have represented our Veterans in Los Angeles County and throughout the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. We refer our Veterans to a great VA lender, we keep watch, and after we find our Vet's a great home, the transaction continues until close. Most of our VA buyers are covered for the entire "typical down" amount that is charged for FHA and Conventional buyers.

There is now a new program - the CHENOA Loan

Other's can Buy a home with ZERO down

Using a local Santa Clarita real estate lender, who we are able to recommend, will allow you to use this loan program. Of course, not everyone is going to qualify, but the qual standards don't seem impossible.

  • FICO required at least a 620 score

  • Do not have to be a First Time Buyer

  • They use a second to absorb the down and other costs

  • You cannot currently own any real estate

  • How's this - if your income is below 115% of the median household income in the area - your second mortgage would fall off in 3 Years!

Loan amount must be $470,000 or less - Applicable to Los Angeles County.

View the properties in Los Angeles County that Fit the CHENOA program. (to modify the location - just type in the city name within the box in the search page!

View Santa Clarita listings that you can buy with ZERO Down Payment (to choose various cities in the Santa Clarita Valley, just type in the city name!

This sounds like a great program and will have many of our first time and those buyers that have owned property in the past, starting their search again.

Remember, if you are not a veteran and are not a current homeowner, we can help you buy a home with zero down anywhere in Los Angeles County.

Please use the links above to see what homes are currently available that will fit the Zero Down home loan program.

Contact me when you are ready for quality real estate representation. I promise to give you all the intel in a full disclosure fashion. I'll be here for you and yours.

I'm Connor T. MacIvor!