Connor MacIvor's REMAX office in Santa Clarita CA

Why have rules anyway?

Without the rules, we'd all be in sad shape.  However, when those with power need to make things happen, the rules get bended or changed.

Case and point.  Within real estate, when you are buying a home, there comes a time when your tax returns are verified.

Meaning, you have already given up your copies, but the lender, your lender, needs to make sure you are giving them the accurate returns.

Changing the "no win" scenario

Some people, believe it or not, "doctor" tax returns to show they have a higher income in order to buy a larger and more expensive home.

With the Governmental shutdown, the IRS is running on a less than a skeleton crew.  Therefore, the typical verification process is unable to be completed.

Today, the lenders will now take your bank's deposit activity that verifies your tax return amount etc., instead of having to hear from the IRS.

Buyers still able to buy real estate

Interesting, I know that all of our buyers are happy that they can continue to close escrow on the real estate.

Searching on-line for homes?  What about using those Mega Real Estate Websites.  Tina, one of our current buyers, called this am and wanted to know about a "too good to be true" deal she found on-line.

We have been working with Tina, and already educated her about the games that some of the real estate syndication websites play.

Real Estate Logic Dropped

Therefore, this was not too much of a shock.  The home had been sold back 18 months ago.  However, it was showing as if it was currently for sale.

It also had a place for Tina to inquire, giving up her email address, name and telephone number.

Your Personal information sold...

That information, the information she may have given up if I would have not of educated her, would have then been sold to many hungry real estate agents that pay for leads from those real estate syndication websites.

There you go and know you know the rest of the story.  Thanks for reading and let us know when we can assist you...