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Today is July 10, 2020, and this is my daily entry for real estate activity in a single Santa Clarita Valley City. Friday's I am focused on the real estate market in Newhall CA.

To give you an idea of where my mind is at pertaining to the real estate reconnaissance and how I put together the best in real estate information for my sellers and buyers in Newhall CA, here is my method.

During the week I have real estate updates that I prepare and post that correspond to each weekday.

Newhall real estate and housing market news update

For example, on Mondays - that day encapsulates the overall Santa Clarita Valley real estate show and market update. All the Santa Clarita cities are included in my data research pertaining to the local markets.

On Tuesdays - that is my Valencia CA real estate show

Wednesdays - Stevenson Ranch real estate market and housing news.

Thursdays - Saugus CA housing and real estate market information.

Fridays - that is today - Friday's are for Newhall real estate updates and market intel.

Saturdays - That is Castaic CA real estate and home news.

Sundays - This is the day that Canyon Country real estate is posted up with all the data and real estate research.

The Newhall real estate update and housing news

Good day everyone, I'm Connor MacIvor local real estate expert and I am with REMAX Realtors. I have been selling homes and representing home buyers in the city of Newhall and in the rest of Southern California Since 1998.

I am a God Fearing man and I am happy to be a part of my client's real estate experience.

When I compile a city-specific real estate update for any of the SCV cities or for the entire Santa Clarita area, I make sure that I always include my 45 data points in my research.

Besides 45 being my favorite caliber, I guarantee to my clients that all the research is done and a client can rest assured they are well covered when it comes to making good real estate decisions.

Coming soon real estate listings in Newhall CA

Newhall real estate update and market research report weeklyDuring today's real estate update for Newhall California - there are three total real estate listings in the coming soon category. These are homes, condos, or townhomes which are not on the market as in the active status. They are "coming soon". This category is something that is new which was created by the National Association of Realtors. This was put into place to give the real estate agents an edge over the real estate syndication websites.

The nice thing about this category being part of the board of realtors data is the enforcement mechanism that is present. An agent cannot play games with this category without financial and other penalties imposed upon them.

In the past when the real estate syndication websites created this category to drive traffic to their websites, this category was placed with a "stern" yet non-enforced rule.

The coming soon listings category is enforceable!

There are three listings that are in the coming soon category in Newhall. Those are listings on Wheeler Road, Alyssa Drive and Vista Del Canon.

Hit me up if you want to get the addresses if any of those Newhall Streets is where you may have been searching for real estate to buy.

BTW, when a real estate agent chooses the coming soon category, they have a maximum of 21 days in which to release the listing into the Active Status. 

In most cases, I can get my clients to view the real estate listing early. However, it is very dependent if the seller will entertain offers before the listing reaches complete real estate market saturation.

Total Active Newhall real estate inventory

Currently, in Newhall, there are 39 active real estate listings as of the date and time of this Newhall real estate update. within those 39 listings, there are condos, townhomes, and single-family homes.

View all the Newhall CA real estate listings

28 of the total 39 active homes for sale in Newhall are Single Family Residences.

8 of the 39 listings that are currently active for sale in Newhall are Condominiums.

2 are townhomes amongst the current active residence for sale in Newhall CA.

Real estate under contract, in escrow, in Newhall

There are two categories in the multiple listing service pertaining to homes and real estate which are in escrow. These homes being in escrow can also be stated as they are under contract.

There is an agreement between the owners (sellers) and the home buyer and escrow have officially started as have their time frames for inspections and such.

There are currently 63 residences that are in escrow in Newhall CA. During this past week, there have been homes that did not make it to the "sold" finish line. I will remark on those below in another category related to homes which fell out of escrow.

When in real estate we have more homes in the process of escrow than active listings, we can deduce that the market is in the seller's zone. 

That is the case with Newhall real estate, as is the case with the other cities in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Of the homes which are in the process in Newhall of being sold, under contract, aka in escrow, 32 of them are Single Family Residences.

26 of the residences which are in escrow in Newhall are condominiums.

5 of the homes which are under contract in Newhall are Townhomes.

These numbers give you a good idea of what the market activity looks like in Newhall CA.

Homes Sold in Newhall California past 7 days, the breakdown

Knowing how many homes sold and the types are important in making better real estate decisions.

This is the part of my Newhall CA real estate update where I get into the data pertaining to the sold real estate during the past 7 days.

In all of Newhall, there were 7 closings. 7 properties that sold during the past 7 days. One of the "45" data points has to do with the loan and lending types that are most used. I'll get into those numbers in a moment.

Three of the Newhall residences sold during the past 7 days were single-family residences.

Two of the sold real estate listings in Newhall were condominiums.

Two were Townhomes in Newhall which were sold during the past 7 days.

The distressed real estate in the entire Santa Clarita Valley remains close to being nonexistent. 

Currently, there are six homes that are distressed in nature for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Grapefruit Lane and Scotch Pine Place in Canyon Country

Highspring Avenue in Newhall.

Mathilde Lane in Saugus.

Wyatt Lane in Stevenson Ranch.

Parkview Road in the Summit of Valencia.

That keeps the distressed real estate in Newhall California at 1 active distressed real estate listing.

The Newhall areas that I pull my weekly real estate data from are all of them:

Downtown Newhall, Newhall 1, Newhall 4, and Newhall 5 - plus Placerita Canyon.

Within those areas, I further breakdown my Newhall CA real estate update into the various neighborhoods. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Custom Downtown Newhall
  • Modular Manufactured
  • Alamos
  • Apple Park
  • Apple Street cottages
  • Atwood
  • Breckenridge
  • Brittany Lane
  • Colonial Fernando
  • Custom Newhall 1
  • Del Prado
  • Happy Valley
  • Hidden Valley
  • Kelton Estates
  • Oakridge
  • Oakridge estates
  • Oak Valley
  • Paseo Dorena
  • Peachland Condos
  • Peachland Estates
  • Rancho La Salle
  • Rancho La Salle
  • The Oaks
  • Walnut Cottages
  • Wiley Canyon Villas
  • Canyon Gate
  • Custom Newhall 4
  • Friendly Valley (55+)
  • Friendly Valley Eleven (+55)
  • Meadowood
  • Milestone
  • Montecito
  • Rainbow Glen
  • Scenic Hills
  • Serena Park Estates
  • Sierra Glen
  • Sierra Vista
  • Vista Del Canon
  • Valle Di Oro
  • Custom Newhall 5
  • Hidden Knoll
  • Lantana Hills
  • Oak Creek
  • Sierra Village
  • The Vistas
  • Custom Placerita Canyon
  • Deercreek
  • Palomino Estates
  • Placerita Canyon
  • Placerita Town and Country

I'm here for you - be well, and visit the Santa Clarita home expert blog often, I update almost daily depending on my client's needs. They always come first!

When you are ready, contact me directly and I will help fulfill your real estate dreams as they relate to Newhall California.

I'm Connor MacIvor with the Santa Clarita home experts.