A Valencia CA Standard Sale?

Standard sales are not as common as you might think.  In fact, we have had more than one seller approach us after the "fall" of real estate needing to walk away from their home sale with a certain amount of money.

Some Valencia CA Real Estate sellers have merely wanted to break even.  It is not uncommon today to find that those sellers, that have no ability to sell their home, below that "break even" point.   The same applies even if they were able to sell it without any fee's or commissions.

Short Sales need Experts!

At the time of this writing, the majority of the Santa Clarita Cities listings are Short Sales in Nature.  They are homes that the Sellers are attempting to sell and walk away.  The Banks have been more and more receptive to the Short Sale process.  However, some of the smaller banks still have unreasonable "lines in the sand", even today.

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Back to the new Valencia CA Listing - Standard Sale.  Mark put this one up on the date of this post.  A Standard Sale in Valencia.  If you are looking just below this text and see a red bordered box with the verbiage that the listing you are looking for cannot be found - you are too late and it has entered escrow or sold.

[idx-listing mlsnumber="F12003431" showall="true"]

How to get more "current" Real Estate listings

There are several ways to search the internet for properties for sale.  I have been a stone cold avocate of local search engines being used.  They are usually updated at a faster refresh rate and your chances of encountering spam is almost NIL.

If you go to our Santa Clarita REMAX Relocation Website - you will see the search engine on the front page.  In fact, we have outfitted that specific search portal to house the Rentals Leases that exist in the Santa Clarita Valley as well.  Simply, those that are moving might not be ready to purchase a home and wish first, to try on the specific  community, "for size".

Here is a quickie - Valencia California Residential Real Estate priced between $300,000 and $400,000: