Short sale help in Santa Clarita

There has been a lot going on in the Santa Clarita Short Sale world.  We have been successful in the balancing of 14 Short Sales throughout the last quarter of Short Sale experts in Santa Clarita2011 - some are carry overs with more negotiation having to be done with the banks.  With several, we have been successful in closing during the first quarter of 2012.

The Short Sale trick that works

The Main thing with the successful negotiation of Short Sales is "communication".  Being in constant contact with our Short Sale sellers and their bank or banks.  We have noticed that if the "ball is dropped" it is usually the fault of the agent not getting what is needed from their clients.  Sometimes, more often than you might think, the banks never receive the documentation they need to process the Short Pay.

Short Sale Frustration

There have been many times that we have faxed the "same" necessary documents dozens of times to the bank of record.  Upon calling we are informed that nothing was received.  In these cases the adage of the, "squeaky wheel getting the grease", applies.  When it comes helping our short sale sellers we can be very squeaky!

In addition, we don't farm out our short sales to a "third party negotiator", we have found we can do a better job than most.  We are the closest to the "fire" and our clients have trusted us with their Short sale, which by circumstances are very emotional in nature.

Below is the short sale that was just added to the Santa Clarita Multiple Listing Service by a Realtor.  If you are not viewing any listing below and all you see is a red box stating that the listing cannot be found - you are too late or the listing has expired or has been cancelled.

Are you wondering if you should work with the "listing agent"?

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You are not alone with regard to Short Selling in Southern California!

Below the box or Listing - you will be able to view all of the Short Sale properties for sale in Southern California.  Understand that you are not alone and that you can get some relief by Short Selling your home.  Also understand that Short Selling a property is not for everyone.