When you visit new homes without your agent know this!

This includes leaving your email address on a cocktail napkin. Any identification you provide can and will be used against you at a later time!

I have been selling real estate since 1998. I have been there for my clients as any good Realtor. My background is being a cop, so my "protective" methods are a bit more refined.

I have seemed to have been bitten by a new home builder. Pardee Homes, a local builder where I have represented many clients with over the last 20 years, has told my clients they could not use me to represent them.

I took them to a new development in Santa Clarita Valley that I thought maybe a good fit after showing them homes during a two month period and writing offers on a few.

The buyer is a VA buyer, a veteran of the Air Force. He was referred to me by a Sheriff client/friend of mine who knew him from his own stint with the Marine Corps.

I met them in November, apparently a few days after they had visited a new home builder, Pardee.

At the time of our meeting, as I do with all of our home buyers, I gave them the admonition never to sign anything when visiting a new home builder. Don't leave your name, don't leave your email and don't leave any personal information of any kind.

Do - let me give you a tour of the new homes and new home builder communities in the Santa Clarita Valley so I can negotiate on your behalf and get you everything possible. Example, not so long ago I was able to get my clients 40k off of the paper price at a new home builder on a particular model. This was not at first, we had to play a little hardball with the builder's rep and the builder at the corporate level.

We went back and forth over a week period and finally, the builder accepted the terms which I was adamant about concerning the price my clients were willing to pay.

The phone call from the new home builder

I know this lady very well. I had worked with her when she was with KB homes and I had also sold many homes while she was at that helm.

She told me that back in November 2018 - (today is February 16, 2019), that she has an online registration that turned into contact within the model homes with her partner.

She stated there is nothing that she was able to do at this time because Pardee has a strict policy in place to prevent agents being assigned at a later date after the buyers go to the new home center without their representative.

I inquired as to the "online" practices of this particular new home builder and she reassured me that they don't keep track of the "online" registrants and use that to prevent agents from representing their own clients. It's just the "in person" visits that are enforceable, in the eyes of this Santa Clarita home builder.

Since 1998 - Never has this occurred to me

Of course, I have seen other agents, who had been working with their home buyers, showing properties and writing offers, only to have them enter into the fold of the new home center, enter their email for a chance to get notified of awesome deals, only to lose her clients to the new home builder.

You don't have to give up your name or email address! Did you know? That is not something that is mandatory, equal housing opportunity guidelines prohibit making it "mandatory".

However, to get notified if you have won the prize - that is something entirely different :)

I have had other builders have a 60-90 day cooling off period. I remember a client that I met through a referral, they wanted to buy real estate. I worked with them for over two months and showed them over 75 real estate listings, which we wrote three offers. There was a large amount of time invested.

They wanted me to show them the homes in Via Metro - I gladly obliged. However, the rep informed me upon registering them they are on file with the builder. I asked my clients - they said they had been in a few months before and viewed the models. They were asked for their names and email addresses so they could be kept in the loop regarding future phase releases and discounts coming to the area.

Of course, who wouldn't put down their information, it's like entering to win the lotto, I suppose.

In this case, because the clients did not move forward at that time, and had waited over 60 days before I took them back in due to us having exhausted the resale market, the home builder did not enforce their prior registration in my absence.

Wow - how is that for nevou? For a home builder to have a name and email and keep the clients tied to that and unable to use their own representative until they all get sold, maybe a practice, but not the best practice.

All builders are not the same, case and point made.

I will continue to talk to my clients about Skyview in Santa Clarita. I will continue to sell Pardee homes in the future and will always tell my team and real estate company to never let my experience jade them when it comes to selling new homes.