I love our REMAX offices with a View of the 5 freeway, just outside. We are located at the 4/1 corner at 25129 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA 91381. As a reminder, Paris911 is our original concept when it came to naming our real estate team. We found that if all of our agents had one focal point, they would come together and provide exceptional client service as it related to real estate. It worked well and since that time, in 1998, we have been working for our clients with a protective stance as it related to housing and real estate representation. Our new offices are nowhere as dated as was our old building. We still have the public exposure by being located on The Old Road within sight of the 5 Freeway. Also, when you tell locals that we are "in the red brick building just down the street from In and Out Burger, they know exactly what we are talking about.

We have another location on Dickason Drive which is next to the "ice house" and Valencia High School. But this location is my team's main office location. When we meet with clients, we do so at their location, at some off-site location, and in our offices. I rely heavily on having real brick and mortar offices where clients can schedule to meet with me and my Realtors. It's much more professional and it gives me additional validity where accountability is paramount.

When I take photos next time, the office space will be cleaned up and minimalist in nature.

As I was bringing my office equipment and other items from our old REMAX location to this new one, a lot of thought went into it.

I realized just how much we don't use anymore. When we started in real estate back in 1998, everything was paper and printed. There was no "digital" format. Talk about ridding the world of its trees - real estate was ahead of the game.

In fact, the only thing that I have to keep is not much. Desks, chairs, the awards for a table and to be hung on the walls. The computers were kept being a necessity and the printers were not. The more green we can be the better your and my kids future will be.

I'm still struggling with keeping paperclips.

I do have envelopes, letterhead, and folders for home buyers and sellers.

Santa Clarita real estate home buyers

The front of the building - the 4/1 corner or you can also say the 1/4 corner - that is the location of our offices with Santa Clarita real estate company at REMAX Gateway.

When you are ready, please don't press your faces against the glass and do the "blowfish" movement. I will know, I have cameras :)

Be safe - thank you for being awesome and be well.  I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX Gateway, the top real estate offices in the Santa Clarita Valley.