new home rebatesA better way to buy a new home. When looking for a new home to buy, you may be surprised to have found that there are rebates available.

Of course, most new home builder communities offer "something" for you that is buying a new home.

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If you are working with a New Home Expert from our HomeBuyer rebate program, you are assured to get some rebate or closing costs credit, even if the home builder contributes nothing.

It would be misleading for me to give you amounts as I'm seeing on some of the other websites because some of the home builders pay flat fees or percentages to the New Home Agent representing you the new home buyer.

In addition, if you don't have me with you during your first visit to the new home sales center, it is going to be very hard to participate in my new home buyer rebate program.

In order for me to give you my rebate when buying a new home, I have to be your real estate agent as recognized by the new home builder's agent and new home builder.

This is via me registering you underneath me as your Realtor with the new home company.

If you go without me and give up any of your personal information, even just your name, I'm not able to help you with my new home negotiation for additional credits, discounts, and closing cost contributions, and my new home buyer rebate.

New Home Rebates in California - Santa Clarita Valley

new home buyer rebate Santa Clarita EDGE programMy offices are located in the Santa Clarita Valley.

My access to the New Construction and New home builders in Santa Clarita Valley is direct.

As part of my process, after I explain the new home buyer rebate and base the amount from what the new home builder will be paying me to represent my new home buyer, I explain how I negotiate with the new home builder and the new home builders agent.

You can consider me local because I have raised a family out here since moving out to the Santa Clarita Valley from Burbank while I was an LAPD officer in 1996.

I have been a Real estate agent representing both buyers and sellers of real estate since 1998 and have been Blessed in my Business to have some of the best clients imaginable.

Besides a Santa Clarita new home rebate - the Top 5 

new home rebate for california new home buyersBesides a New HomeBuyer rebate, I negotiate with the home builder on these 5 topics.

  • The Price of the new home
  • The new home lender and potential closing costs contribution
  • Credits for flooring, custom items, upgrades, and paint
  • Negotiation of the lot premiums with the new home builder
  • Better deal updates from standing inventory or inventory which may be coming back as being for sale

The price of the new home with the new home builder can, most times, be swayed lower. There is a lot that depends on how and if this is able to happen, but it has been my new home selling experience that the sales prices are not always in concrete.

Most of the new home builder communities have their own lenders onsite or a phone call away. Depending on the new home builder and their relationship with the mortgage broker, they are open to negotiation of additional monies to my new home buyers to pay some, if not all, of their closing costs. 

Depending on the specific new home buildout schedule, there may be some credits and discounts that are able to be applied to the new home buyer's purchases from the new home design center. This may include upgraded carpet, upgraded flooring, custom paint, outlet addition, upgraded appliances, and other options like custom paint, etc. In some cases, we are able to have pre-selection items at a discount if we time our new home strategy properly.

When I first started selling new homes, lot premiums - extra money for particular lots, was not as typical as it is today.

In fact, it seems that the more time has elapsed, the more all lots carry a premium price tag. 

I have always understood as an extra fee relates to the view lots or those overly large lots. But a regular, garden variety run of the mill lot with nothing special over the majority of the lots, yes - it seems those have extra fees also.

Sometimes, the lot premiums can be negotiated away or discounted by some amount. It how you ask and how the offer is presented to the new home builder's agent. Timing also has a lot to do with it. If they have a new phase release and only a single home to sell before doing so, that's a historically good time to strike with a discounted offer. I'm always watching and waiting to strike for my new HomeBuyer Edge members.

Standing Inventory homes and those which are seemingly teetering, soon to fall out of escrow, are good ones to hit with all the incentive and discount negotiations. 

Sometimes standing inventory or homes that are falling out of escrow can leave a black mark on the new home corporate lead by their shareholders.

I watch and wait in order to get my New Santa Clarita home buyer edge program users the best new home deal possible.

That is also in conjunction with my New Home Rebate if they are New homebuyer members.

Those are the top 5 points where my skills are applied when it comes to my new home buyers using my service to buy new real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley.

New home rebates outside of the Santa Clarita Valley

Buying a new home with a rebate in Santa ClaritaYes, I do offer the same new home rebate for my HomeBuyer clients for new homes and new builder homes outside of the Santa Clarita Valley.

The location will depend on how familiar I am with the community. 

I will need to do my research. I have not been to all of the new home builder communities in Southern California. However, I have worked with most of the new home builders.

I will do my due diligence and report back to you if I'm able to move forward with your admittance to our New Home Buyer rebate program.

All you have to do is email me or call me with the location and builder's name of the new homes you are interested in.

Once I work out the particulars, I will give you a solid answer as to whether or not I will be able to represent you.

I'm Connor MacIvor. It will be, yours truly, me and not a bunch of "stock image" agents that will be along your side, 6' away, of course, to adhere to social distancing standards.

I'm ready for your new home buying mission. Just let me know by registering for my exclusive new home buyer program and I will be in touch with you asap.

Remember, I'm not going to sell your information to other agents. I'm not going to tell you someone will be in touch with you soon. You will be getting a phone call directly from me and I will be your real estate agent at the new home builder community.

I stress this point in bold because there are a few new home rebate sites that are all about selling a person's information to agents for a referral fee.

I'm not referring anything to anyone. I'm the agent. I'm the representative. I'm not a lead generator. I work for me as an Independent Contractor - with RE/MAX of California and Hawaii.

This is important to note. Be well, let me know when you are ready for me to handle your new home buying event. Please be well and stay safe. I'm a phone call or email or text away! 661.400.1720

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