New Santa Clairta home builders and your Paris911 advantage.

We have a real estate team that we have built with patience, virtue and with wanting all of our REMAX of Santa Clarita - Paris911 Team associates to hold the highest in "satisfaction" and "service" that our clients can find.

New Home Experts

The Satisfaction enters the picture when it comes to visiting the new housing tracts within the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Each builder is different from the other. All Builders cooperate with Local Real estate brokers regarding compensation. These two tenants are applicable within most of Southern California and the new housing that exists therein.

The reason for the new home builders providing compensation to the real estate agents that bring their clients to their new home centers is simple. They know that local real estate agents are their biggest advocates. There is no way that the new home builders could have their exposure if it weren't for the top producing agents working and being successful within cities containing new homes.

These Local Santa Clarita Agents have clients, past, current and will have future ones that may be interested in buying a new Santa Clarita Home.

Because most of the new housing builders believe in a person, New Home Buyer, having equal representation under the law, they pay those agents that bring their clients into the new housing a commission.

After the agreement is signed - the real estate agent that is representing the client at the new home builder, can put in their two cents. They can further negotiate and they can watch everything so the new home client is best protected.

The new home buyer now has an advocate that is 100% on their side.

Be safe - search well and check out our new housing tours and where the new homes are located on our Main Santa Clarita real estate website - scroll down and thank you.