April 16, 2012 - I had enough.  Enough of not doing anything to change my future.  I weighed in at 350 pounds and felt miserable.  There was this "crud" in my eyes and I was snoring so badly - my kids thought I was going to expire in my sleep.

I had a very successful stint using Atkins - the High Fat and High Protein way of eating back in 2005.  I dropped 70  pounds in three months, but then something happened.  I quit.  I cannot put my finger on the "why" I quit.  But, I did - causing me to get to my all time high weight of 350 lbs.  I am just glad I had a chance to hit bottom and still had the strength to push hard to get away from it!!!

The weight loss maintained for a while - then slowly, gradually, I got to where I was on April 16, 2012.  If you are a follower of our Real Estate blogs, you know that I am not shy when it comes to video.  I video myself talking about real estate, answering questions, and giving the best intel that can be found anywhere on-line.

However, It was not easy to watch myself when I got to where I was at 350 pounds.  Today, after being on a "plateau" for the past 3 weeks, the weight reduction and loss started again.  Today is my fourth complete month on a High Fat and High Protein Diet. - My Carb intake has not exceeded 20 Grams a day since I started.

I have not cheated, broken, nor given into weakness.  I have remained strong - and after the first 30 days it became easier.

I have realized that I'm good with not having ice cream, cake, cookies, soda, beer, rice, potatoes, or sugar in any form ever again.  It did not happen by chance - it took a lot of talking to myself.

The weight loss is not happening as fast as it did when I was a Full Time Motor Cop with the LAPD.  Getting on and off of that police motorcycle over 20 times during a shift, walking up on the violators and issuing citations in the over 100 degree heat of the summer while wearing 45 pounds of gear sure helped.  Plus I was a few years younger.  Today, the weight loss I am experiencing is about 6-8 pounds a month.

Which is fine - because, unlike before, I don't have the mindset of "once I get it off, I can go back to the way I used to eat..."  Today I am at 285 pounds.  There is a big change.  I am where I was when I resigned from the LAPD back in 2007, maybe a bit lighter.

My clothes fit much better, my self-confidence is through the roof and I did not do so much damage to my Body via Fat that I cannot recover 100%.

At This Rate - by April 16, 2013, I will have been on this Way of Eating for a complete Year.  I will be in the neighborhood of 230 pounds - have a 36" waist and be 14-16 % body fat.  I cannot wait, but wait, I must.

Looking at it from a longevity stand point - I went most of my youth being fat.  I then lost a majority of it to become a LAPD Officer back in 1990.  I then - gradually gained it back and then some.  In 1990 - I was 21.  Today I'm 43.  By the time I have leaned out, I will be 44 - I have at least 56 good years left!!! (I want to live to be 100).  Also, instead of me losing my weight and becoming leaner because I wanted to get a job or because I wanted to get the girl, or one of those "other than me things", I'm doing it for me - my quality of life.

A side note:  I am glad I had my blood work done.  I was a walking heart attack.  The doctor said that my blood was so thick because of my high cholesterol that I needed medication.  The triglycerides in my blood were through the roof too.  My blood pressure was also in the danger zone.  Snoring - sleep apnea - and more...

After 30 days of eating High Fat and High Protein - I was in the "normal" ranges with my blood work and I no longer snored.  Was I an exception to the Rule?  What do you think?  Would you be able to go the rest of your life without anything that has Sugar in it?