I have been blessed to have "figured it out". Any SEO, search engine optimizer, will tell you that content is king. But, how do you write the content without being burdened with needing a large device in which to publish content?

While some of the laptops and netbooks have gotten really small and thin - I happen to like my iPad for blogging. All you have to do is also get the fifty five dollar blue tooth keyboard and you are good to go. I bought a couple strips of velcro and a case that allows the ipad to stand on it's end and on it's side. When not in use, I just stick the keyboard to the ipad and I'm off.

While I have used some of the ipad cases with the build in keyboards - they are too flimsy for me. The regular blue tooth apple keyboard is solid and you can also use it to fight with if you are getting attacked. Have you seen the edge on that thing :)

I sync the keyboard with my ipad. I have the wordpress app installed on my iPad. The rest - as they say is "content". I can leave a restaurant and write an immediate review on one of our Santa Clarita Blogs. I am definitely poised for writing content and this way I don't forget and leave it for later.

What is your favorite blogging platform? Have you found a netbook or some other type of computer that won't break and keep you motivated to write content for your business? Please share on Facebook and re-tweet - much appreciated - let us know if we can help you too!!!!

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