I probably don't have to tell you, but if you have moved in the past, the stress level can be quite high.

There are some things you can do to get rid of a little of that "unnecessary" stress, if there is such a thing.  Here are five things you can do before embarking on your "moving/relocation" journey.

  • Write out your plan - What are you going to do, where are you going to go, what are you taking with you and how are you going to get it there?  Only 3% of the world writes out their plans.  That's it - However, when you view the world 3% is Real estate scams that are in Santa Clarita real estateabout the part that has the most successful people in it.
  • Confer with your family or trusted advisers - This is not your real estate agent or moving company representative. This is talking to people in your sphere of influence.  Those that you know that have advised you in the past.  You can also rely on most of those that have experienced a moving experience :)
  • Talk with others that are living where you are going - If this is a relocation with your business, you should have access to other families and employees that have gone before you.  Your HR department should be able to advise you of their names and contact info.  If you are doing it solo and don't have anyone to contact where you are going - Trust your Realtor to give you names and phone numbers of those that are in a similar circumstance as you are.  Your Relocation Realtor should have these resources at the top of their mind and should be able to provide them to you.
  • Get to Google-ing - Find out who the local REMAX or other companies Relocation experts are.  Find out who is writing, recording videos, doing a podcast or radio show.  Find out which agent or team is progressive in the town you are going to be relocating to.  Contact more than one - set appointments and interview away.  If you are looking for the best questions to ask a real estate agent - click here for that resource.
  • Q and A for Lenders - Local Law Enforcement - and EMS.  -  what questions should you be asking a lender when relocating and buying?  How can you be sure you are qualified before you make the move.  Maybe Renting is a better fit before you decide to buy.  Resources like these can be very helpful.  Here are a couple of links to the rest of the story:  Questions to ask a Lender.  Find out where the rentals are available in the SCV and in the REST of Southern California.  As far as the local law enforcement agency - your Realtor should be able to provide you with the contact number.  Call them and get the run down as to what types of crime is occurring in the neighborhood you are considering moving too.
Here are the most recent three articles that we have written with our clients in mind.  You can see that we attempt to update all of our Real estate systems on a daily basis.  Be Safe and Enjoy.