REMAX Relocation services

Depending on how "critical" your move is and how much you have to bring along will depend on how much planning that needs to take place.  I remember when I was 21, that was 1990 - I loaded all of my stuff into my car and drove west. All of my stuff fit in my car - unbelievable.

Buying or selling real estate? Avoid moving day mayhem and ease the stress in your life. These days people buying and selling homes are crossing their fingers and holding their breath until closing day, simply hoping that the day will actually come, when it does don’t be caught off guard, because one way or another you will have to move your stuff out from one home and into your new home.

Planning is important. Don’t wait until the last week or day to start packing and arranging for movers. Start packing early by packing away all the items and clothing that you can live without. After-all, you can go on a week vacation with a suitcase, surely you can live a week or two without all of your worldly possessions. Leave yourself plenty of time to pack and the entire process will be an easier one.

Organize. Life will be a lot easier if your moving boxes are well packed and labeled. Clearly mark boxes by room, i.e. “kitchen”, “master bedroom”, etc.

Plan ahead. Go to your new home and place paper down where you want your furniture, have the paper labeled “couch here”, “desk here”, this way the movers can place your furniture with or without you present.

Our experience has shown Paris and I that "alone" can only take you so far.  It is important to team up with an agent or group of agents to make your Relocation go smoother.  (notice I did not say "smoothest")  -  There is always something that is unprepared for that occurs at the worst possible moment.  It is nice to have the power of the "brand" running interference for you - RE/MAX Relocation Network.