Real Estate agents for the LAPD

After seeing what "good and focused" niche marketing can do for our Sellers - Let's just say we are "Sold".

We have been niche marketers within the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department since 1998.  The Paris911 Team at REMAX is able to work with many an Officer and Deputy - all the way to the top reins of each LE(law enforcement) organization.

We have our brand, placed for our sellers, where buyers of real estate are looking.  It is not enough to be in publication print - that reinforces our brand and keeps reminding those that already know "Paris911" that we are still the Real Estate Go To Agents.

We have had to develop the "on line" portion of our business.  We started in real estate back in 1998 - However, we really took a hold of the "on line" presence portion by blogging about real estate back in 2007.  Today we have written over 7000 articles about Real Estate.

We have developed search systems for Buyers and sellers of real estate on a local Level.  We branch outside of the Santa Clarita Valley cities with our REMAX Relocation Network, with a Paris911 Flair.

When searching on-line - have a look at the most searched phrases in Santa Clarita real estate.  You can see where buyers are looking, with one terms they are searching by and who's populating the 1st page on google in the Organic Search Results.

Most Searched (buyer) phrases for Santa Clarita real estate:

  • santa clarita real estate agents
  • santa clarita realtors
  • remax of santa clarita
  • best santa clarita real estate
  • top santa clarita agents

If the buyers are seeing our Paris911 Brand, then you can bet they are being told directly by our team about the homes where we are directly representing Santa Clarita real estate sellers.