When I first saw this written on a plain white background within a Google Ad - I was impressed at the simplicity.

How are you conducting yourself in the representation of your business, service or product within the content you are writing?

Are you telling the masses that you are the one and only? What about you offer the "best services" over everyone? How about how you are the "number 1" whatever?

I'd tell you that most people, that are savvy enough to log onto a computer and do some "googleing", don't care about how GREAT you are.

They don't care about how great we are either.  They do care about finding out answers to their questions.  How can you apply this to your business?

Let us say you sell hammers.  The nail driving kind.  You can talk about the different materials that a hammer's handle is made of and the pro's and con's with each.  You can talk about the steel incorporated into the Hammer's Strike Plate and what advantages and disadvantages they provide.  What about the length of the hammer's handle?  Different types of media the hammer can drive into various surfaces.

How to strike and drive nails through 2X4's - 4X4's or drywall...

The point that I am wanting you to leave this post with in mind is "You can write about anything if you want to."

Answer questions, write and write some more.  Give so much that you think you have given too much - then give more! - It works for us and will for you too!

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