While Jeph Rants may not be an 'old school' Jedi Knight - he is definately in the "new generation" as it relates to marketing.Not believing that it is about "what you get in return", but always playing it forward - so much it hurts - then play it forward some more!

Listen to our Santa Clarita Moves Radio show where Jeph Rants speaks about his philosophies in regard to the following topics:

  • The emotional aspects of what we are going to help our clients achieve.
  • Finding the win-win
  • Process vs events
  • Circle of marketing
  • Creating a system of common since.
  • Color of your front door
  • Time is a great value.
  • Focus on important not urgent.
  • Don't let a good idea die.
  • Creativity is hard work not just inspiration.
  • Perception is reality no matter who you really are.
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