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Hire Up!

It saddens me when I see a seller that hired a real estate agent or team attempting to advertise their home by themselves.

That is the agent's job, and their Real Estate agent should have the advertising all locked up.

That real estate listing the agent has been trusted to sell should already be all over the internet channels - Including Social Media.

Somethings you cannot do!

Of course that Santa Clarita Real Estate Seller isn't going to be able to pitch their listing at the local Realtor Networking Groups, hopefully their Realtor does.

The won't be able to upload their real estate listing to some of the "realtor only" internet websites for advertising real estate listings for sale, hopefully their Realtor will.

The seller is not going to have the attention of the Social Media outlets that their Real Estate agent should be appearing at a high level upon.

Team of Full Time Buyers Agents:

In addition, the real estate seller is not going to have a team that is directly working for them, a Team of Full Time and High Producing Buyers Agents.

Those that are versed in representing Real Estate Buyers and those they are constantly on the real estate hunt for.

A top Producing Realtor Team will have all of these advantages.  When you hire a Top Santa Clarita Real Estate Team, you should not have to worry about advertising your home yourself.  In fact, we talk about that in our Listing Presentation.

No armchair negotiation please...

I don't want you to advertise your home for sale because sometimes "promises" are made that limit me from being able to get you the most effective outcome from your sale.  "Most effective outcome" = More Money!

Please hire smart and make sure your Realtor Team knows their way around the internet and networking groups on a local level.

Find the Top Santa Clarita Realtor

If you are able to do some searching on-line for "(enter your city) Real Estate".  Look at the top few results.  You can strike the Syndication Websites that start with a Z, T or R.  They are not local, they are not real estate agents, and they are going to sell your listing information and the leads derived from it to real estate agents that are paying for it.

The next websites to strike are those that are not about "real estate representation", but potentially the "self upload" websites like the C+list and A's+list.

Then look deep at the local real estate agent websites.  Who's at the top and who should you call?  BE safe - Search well and let us know when you are ready to hire a Team of Santa Clarita Realtors to sell your home.

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