Santa Clarita Home DesignParis and I have met some of the greatest home stager's and those that are Decorators at heart.  Some of these talented individuals live right here in our very own Santa Clarita Valley.  Let us know what you desire and we will be happy to get you into touch with the best and the brightest in the Home Decor Field.

The rule today when it comes to real estate is to make use of what you’ve got. We have entered a new time, when bigger is not necessarily better, and spaces within a home can now be used for multiple purposes. Where once we had a formal dining room, a formal living room, a den, a sitting room, and multiple other rooms, now we may have one great room that serves all of these purposes. Some may even have a great room that is not all that great, in size that is.

Traditionally we have set aside rooms for special occasions and having company over, but how often does that actually happen? More importantly is it worth losing the use of a room to set it aside for a few days of its actual purpose? A guest room could pose as an office or a den, enabling it to be used for more than just a few days a year.

A current interior design trend involves decorating a room for many purposes, which makes sense for many so that they may live within their means. Often we all spend time in one room more than any other, we may as well design that one room to meet all of our needs!

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