Santa Clarita's Experienced real estate teamReal Estate is not a game, or is it?

Have you every played "California Racing"?  It was a game built for the Nintendo 64 system. I have fond memories of my eldest son - Ronan, and I playing this game.  The cars were fast, but the faster they were, the harder they were to control.

However, if your "qualification time" was good enough, you were given the "prestigious" pole position on the race track when the next race started.

Pole Position refers to the inside lane - inside as it pertains to the first turn.  It is the best position to be in when the race starts, as most "expert racers" would admit.

Who wins?

Funny Thing - at the beginning I did!  I won the game almost every time. That's nothing to brag about as it pertains to a child under 10 versus a full grown man.  However, that did not last long :)

I started losing...  Not all at once, but it started happening.  Here and there at first - then it graduated to all of the time.  I could not win to save my life.

It was at that time the light came on.  Practice does make perfect, something that I had been told since I was my son's age.

However, Real Estate has it's place to practice, but that should not be with other people's money.

Beginnings in Real Estate

1998 - I started in Real Estate and within 6 months I had more real estate listings, that I was being trusted to sell for our sellers, at the real estate office I worked with, than the "Seasoned Realtors" did.  That was Gold Star Realty in Encino.

I looked at the board, and there I was - 6 listings...  And I was scared...  "What if I were to get an offer? - What does a good counter offer consist of? - Who pay's what?" - It was quite exciting to have the listings - but not having answers to my questions was very disconcerting.

Help costs money

I did what I did at the LAPD, I asked another "co worker" to help me.  They were very receptive - "For 25%", they said...

I was pushed back onto my heels.  I thought to myself, "OMG - How arrogant - I cannot believe they are going to charge me to help me..."

I will tell you that police officers at the LAPD did not charge to help...  Again, another light came on...  "Real Estate Sales is not the LAPD", "The LAPD is a public service organization", "Real Estate is a commission based sales profession..."

You get what you pay for...

Today - the Santa Clarita real estate sellers are on the inside track when they choose to start the race.  It does not matter in what city of the Santa Clarita Valley their home is located.

It could be Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, Valencia or Stevenson Ranch - It will have multiple offers within days, and in most cases, hours.

The difficult part, one that requires the BEST Santa Clarita Realtor you can find, enters the picture when it's time for your Santa Clarita realtor to respond to the offers that had been written on your home, condo or town-home.

What types of financing are best in your specific case?  Has the Buyer financial "where with all"  been verified by a lender besides their own?  Did they offer their maximum or are they willing to increase their offer?  Will the home appraise for the "largest offer" that was received? How is the "buyer's agent"?  How can they waive their appraisal Contingency and pay the difference in cash?  Do they know that they are doing, are they working for a Solid Team or are they those that don't pack the gear to serve in real estate?

Negotiation school from life

I have met some really powerful negotiators during my stint, thus far, on this Earth.  Some have been with the Police Department, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and others have been from other Law Enforcement organizations...

Those types of negotiators and those negotiators in Real Estate are not really that different.

It's about the "tools" contained in their tool boxes. As in the "Safety Course for Realtors" I teach, a Tool Box refers to the "borrowed or personal mental, psychological, life and emotional experiences" that a person "owns".

A New, 21 year old, Police Officer has a hard time dealing with a domestic violence call involving a 40 year married couple.

I know this for a fact.  How is a 21 year old able to comprehend the troubles that can be built over a 40 year marriage?

They Cannot - that is why they are working with a more experienced Police Officer, or Deputy Sheriff - or they should be.

Real Estate negotiation is best handled by those that have a "fully loaded" tool box.  They are watching each of their Sellers Listings as if they are experts at Chess.  They are constantly thinking several moves ahead with every phone call, inquiry, offer and counter offer with regard to their Santa Clarita sellers listings.

Be safe - Search well and make sure you are hiring the very BEST Realtor you can find in your local real estate market.

If you are within the Santa Clarita Cities or Greater Los Angeles Area - make Sure The Paris911 Team, that's us, is on your "to be interviewed list".