Wow, the internet has made it possible, along with cell phones with memory, to never have to memorize a phone number again. Yea - Let's see what happens with this 20 years from now...

I still have the phone number I grew up with in my head. For the phone numbers, I most frequently call today, not so much.

The other day, my wife and I were in an ATT Store. We were there to get a phone replaced and also to turn in a couple of old iPads for credit toward our account.

One of the iPads was locked and it had been our experience that a phone call to apple with the request of resetting said iPad, because of a forgotten lock code, was simple.

Paris called apple care, the number popped up after a quick google mobile search for "apple phone number".

I happened to glance at her home screen and the number seemed strange - not 800-MyApple, but some strange area code, nonetheless, I did not give it much thought.

This was until I heard her comment that the person she was calling wanted her to stop her transaction immediately with the ATT store because her account was currently being hacked from 6 different places in the world.

He said she needed to go home right away and he would walk her through steps to stop the hacking. The bad guys now had access to all of her personal information, he said, her checking account and bank transactions, credit cards and any and all private correspondence online.

Both me and the Apple salesperson, visibly miffed,  were listening to this man's requests, Paris now had him on speaker.

It sounded strange, Paris asked, "Are you apple care?" - He stated yes, he was with Apple and she needed to give him the information he requested so he could put a stop to it.

He then went on to give the cities of the supposed breach. I only remember New York, Austin TX, someplace in Africa, and a few others.

Paris told him to call her back later - we were still miffed.

Turns out, she did not call apple care. She called someone who was within the Google Search results purporting to be apple care.

Apple Care is 1-800-My Apple.

The salesperson called over his manager. We were at a Real Live ATT store in Thousand Oaks. It was the real deal with name badges and had ATT in their big logo on the side of the building.

They looked at our account, no hacking was found and all was on the up and up. This struck me as strange but reminded me about a post I had written regarding Wire Fraud now being a multi-billion dollar a year industry in real estate and other services.

I remember what it was to have to return a call when one got home. Even to get messages, after we got one of those fancy phone answering machines, we had to wait until we got home. If we wanted someone to call us at a particular time, we had to be next to a phone, usually at home or at our place of business.

Sometimes we had people call us back at payphones. Before they changed to just a pole with a phone attached, superman's choice for his wardrobe change. The phone companies, and vandals, then started removing the phone numbers from displaying on the pay phone in front of the payphone within the little paper tab.

Just be careful. The phone number you are googling may not be what you think. It may be some person in a foreign country ready, willing and able to get you to give up information where your identity will be stolen and you will lose control of your hard earned greenbacks.

OMT - the guy, about 2 hours later had the audacity to call back. Paris asked plainly, do you work for Apple Inc - he said "yes" resoundingly. She wanted to speak with his manager and get his physical location, the phone went dead. We tried to call back from her phone and the number had been disabled. It still worked from my cell until I called, etc..

BTW, phone booths used to have phone books inside, attached to the bottom in thick plastic or metal covers. It was an absolute breach on an ethical level to tear out a page from a phone book, just sayin'.

Be well, I hope this article will keep you safe from harm when you think you are doing something right, you are being scammed. Double check the source and ask the person to verify their name, employee number, and physical address. If they are calling you, get their call back and call them back. You will find 9 out of 10 times, they cannot or will not provide their call back number because they are using an autodial program that contains a masked number. Read more of the Santa Clarita Blog Articles

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