I remember when both Paris and I started in the real estate inventory back in 1998/1999 - The market was way different that it is today.

Back then, we had a lot of inventory - that inventory was selling due to the large amount of buyers looking to buy real estate.

We help relocate people to and from the Santa Clarita ValleyToday - that is not the case.  We have one part of the equation - we have those that are wanting to buy - and there are a lot of them.

We don't, however, have anyone that is interested in selling - at least not a lot of people interested in selling their homes.

It could be for a couple of reasons - one could be that the property owners don't know they actually have equity.

The second reason is that they property owners don't want to move.

Some are holding off until they build more equity on their home before selling it and moving up.

One thing that you are going to want to realize, if that if you are staying within a single local market - your move will be a wash.

However, if you are changing the dynamics - from condo to single family home - even within the same city - you are bettering your position by selling and moving up.

If you are going from a more expensive market place to one that is less expensive - you are also bettering your position for the time being.  In the long run - you would have gained more $$$ keeping to the local(more expensive) market.

Be Safe - if we can answer any further questions about your real estate dealings, let us know.

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