What does it mean to be “The Top” representative of the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department when it comes to Real Estate Representation?

Simple, our code, our ethical stance, and our lines that we have drawn in the sand, all exemplify what the Paris911 Team at RE/MAX of Santa Clarita is about.  We are used to protecting and serving the public.  Years ago, over 11 now, we saw a need to protect the sworn from the predator in the Real Estate sales industry.

Not all agents are liars and bad seeds.  But there are some.  The same example can be framed that not all police officers are bad – but some are.

Hand in hand, corporate America has it strains of “bad” within its business model.  But there are always good to be found.  When you come across “great” then you have really found something worthy of telling the masses about.

Our business amongst the LAPD and Law Enforcement in general has been “Referral Based” for the last 7 years.  The job that is done is complete.  Full Disclosure within any transaction is something that is bragged about.  The Paris911 Team being there for our clients after closing is legendary.

We work with Law Enforcement with regard to Real Estate Representation because we are Law Enforcement.  I don’t like it when they are taken advantage of.  Those great “cop-deals” and “special considerations” are totally overdone. 

We have had feedback come our way that “it felt like coming home”.  Like an old comfortable chair or a nicely broken in pair of shoes – we offer our clients something “Different and Wonderful”.  You do not need to watch your six when buying or selling real estate.  We have that covered completely.