Foreclosure Inventory for Los Angeles County

The foreclosure inventory for Los Angeles county for the past 3 years can be seen by viewing this graph.  We have posted starting data back to the Fourth Quarter of 2009.  You can see the properties scheduled for sale were at the 37,000 mark.

The decline is almost 1/2 at present - closing out the third Quarter of 2012.  It would seem that the "bank owned" inventory remained quite flat for Los Angeles County - until Quarter 3 of 2011, only one year ago - the bank owned inventory started to dip a bit.

The sparatic lines with regard to the pre-foreclosures can be seen jostling around a bit.  However, the levels remained consistent throughout the past three years.

What can we learn from this information?  First, we can learn we are no where close to where were in April of 2008 with regard to properties scheduled for sale.

We can also see that the bank owned inventory went from it's high point of 21930 to a low point - most recently at 14694(Q3, 2012).

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