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If you want to gather the right school districts, when searching for real estate, this is your way.

We have our Paris911 dot com spatial match search enabled for our relocation clients, to allow you to search for real estate by school district/boundaries.

Search for real estate by school boundariesOn the right of the map above, you may click on the blue home and switch to the on position. When you do you will see the homes and real estate for sale in each of the specific school districts on the map.

A few notes - when you click on the school boundaries, pay particular attention to which one you are within. When you do you will see the phone number pop up.

With regard to renting, leasing or buying a home, make sure you call the school district to ascertain if the home is in the right area for the school you desire.

They can confirm by the address you give them. You can also provide them a range of addresses, and they will give you the intel as to whether or not those homes, condos or townhomes fall within the particular school district.

We have been seeing that our School Boundary search for Santa Clarita Valley and the Greater Los Angeles areas is very accurate.

Searching by specific neighborhood boundaries is also valuable when looking outside of the Santa Clarita Valley. We have tract codes, the SFV and other cities have neighborhoods.