buying real estateWhen buying real estate homebuyers may consider location, wondering how important is it? Everyone is well aware of the real estate catch phrase “location, location, location” but what does location really mean to a real estate transaction? Quite simply, a lot. Location sums up your home in many ways and most real estate professionals will tell you that it is better to buy the worst home in the best location, compared with the best home in the worst location.

Location is different from community to community but each community has more desirable and less desirable locations within. For example, buying a palace next to the railroad tracks is fine if you understand that the railroad tracks aren’t going anywhere and you will hear the train come through at all hours of the night regardless of how nice your home is.

Good schools, proximity to amenities, appearance, available dining and shopping, and parks are but a few criteria that can create an ideal location. Getting to know an area via an experienced REALTOR is always a good idea before selecting a home. The bottom line is that when it comes time to sell your home a good location can make all the difference for both the price sold and the amount of time that it takes to sell.