top Santa Clarita real estate newsWe still have a multitude of buyers wanting to buy real estate.

Paying what it's worth

Those buyers are still willing to pay what homes are worth to lock in some great interest rates.

No, the interest rates are not in the early to mid three's - but, as far as where interest rates have been historically - Sub 5 is still very good as far as financing real estate goes.

Hire to get the "job done"

The real estate re-sale game is alive and well.  The Sellers of the Santa Clarita real estate know who the Top Santa Clarita Realtors are.  They also know who can get the job done when it comes to selling local Real Estate.

The Tops of the Internet SERP's - Search Engine Results Pages are where the BEST agents are appearing.  Those that do a lot of advertising of their sellers listings.  Marketing of the homes in which we are searching for buyers of.

We have been working within the real estate trenches since 1998.  While it has not been as if we have been in battle, war scarred and PTSD laden, it has been an eventful ride.

Sweeping for "real estate" mines

Our number one priority is keeping our clients safe from harm.  If someone starts to hurt those we are protecting, during the transaction, the listing agent, the buying agent, or another real estate vendor involved, it is time for us to gear up and stand as a shield around our clients.

Buyers are only going to pay what the real estate market will bear.  It is not that the buyers of the world don't want to pay more for real estate than it's worth, but they don't :)

Even if they wanted to, there is a stop mechanism in place with every single real estate dealing that is requiring financing to purchase.  That is called the "appraiser".

Waive it like you just don't care...

Now, the buyer can waive the appraiser, at the risk of losing their deposit if they fail to follow through.  They can promise to pay the difference between what the appraiser said the home is worth and what they wrote the offer for, if those amounts are different.  Being the appraised value is lower than the offer they had written.

In order to write offers and waive appraisal contingencies, you need to be working with a professional Realtor and need to make sure that professional Realtor goes into a full dissertation about that process and how you maybe cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Happy Monday Folks and thanks for checking out our Santa Clarita real estate daily report.

Market updates completed - we are down

We did the market updates, or at they will be completed when you have finished reading this post.  Go to our macBoX resource on the Top Santa Clarita real estate website and type into the MaCboX the words "market updates" without the quotes.

Be safe - Search well and let The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA know when we can assist you with your real estate needs.