Movers in Southern CaliforniaIf you have been around the Santa Clarita Valley for any amount of time, you will probably have heard of AQMS Mayflower.  The Moving Company has it's Head Quarters in the Santa Clarita Valley and gives back to the Community Hand over Fist.

Casey Kirkman is the owner/operator of AQMS Mayflower.  I was doing some "googling" and came across this photo of Nick Lachley holding a Moving Box from a Recent Move.  Guess which Moving Company he chose? - AQMS Mayflower.

With all of the Internet Results for Moving Companies, you will find when you search for movers, that most of the results are for "lead generators" that are feeding leads to moving companies. So your calls and questions are not being answered directly by the prospective Moving Company itself.  You are speaking for a company that has built their business by selling leads.

They have a book they refer to when you ask questions.  They have the speech down and know how much to quote an hour. They are mostly representative of the "lowest price".

When it comes to moving my stuff, the "lowest price", is not what I want. My experience with our own moving and with the moves of our clients, accountability is what you should be seeking first!

Here is the photo - In case you don't remember who Nick Lachley is - Have a Look - I googled it for you!

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