He who Hath Ears, Let him hear...

I remember this skill when it was not so new.

Listening to a client was always a necessary part of my business.  It all started with me being a full time LAPD cop for the better part of 17 years.  When we were speaking with victims, we had to listen.

When we were getting the 'confession' we had to listen.  When we were standing outside of an apartment that we had been called to for a domestic violence situation - we were listening - real close, before door knocking :)

Carrying that over to our Real Estate business - listening is paramount.

That is why we train our Buyers Agents in the art of listening.  It's really is okay to shut the heck up for just a moment and truly listen and hear what the client's wants and needs are.

Real Estate how you want it

When wanting to see how much your home is worth - make sure those that you are using know what you want.

Maybe you don't want to be contacted ever again, after they give you what they think about your home's value.

It could be that you don't even want a second phone call after they give you want you want.

Maybe you don't want any future email's - asking, "How is it going??" - or, "Just checking in..."

We so get that - just make sure you let the "professional" you are dealing with know what you don't want in the process of finding out how much your Santa Clarita Home is Worth.