I am pretty sure the world has a dislike for marketers.  The "AD men" that seem to use every trick in the Book to Sell a product or service.  I have to give it to some of the "clever" schemes and advertisements, with their ability to bring a smile to my face and make me laugh - but, there is something to be said about "honesty" not being part of the "advertising channel".

Which brings me to Facebook.  Was Facebook meant as an advertising channel?  Or was it meant as a place to hook up with old friends and make new ones?

Paris and I both agree that Facebook is not a place to put things like:

  • "I just sold another house - Why don't you call me to sell yours"
  • "I have three buyers in escrow - I can find you a home too!"
  • "Wow - With all the money I make from being so good at Real Estate - I'm at the boat store"
  • "Back from another Vacation to Europe because we were Voted Number 1 Realtors by...."
  • "Level 10 Lifestyle here, Let us sell your home or help your buy your First..."
I suppose there is a place for statements like the ones above.  However, Paris and I agree, it happens not to be FACEBOOK.
So, in a direct way - you are here because you want to hook up with Paris or Connor - or Both of us.  This is not our FAN page - this is a connection portal to our personal Facebook Pages.
Hit up either one of us or both - We don't advertise our selves or our business on Facebook.  For us we are about connecting with our Past Friends and Family and making new ones!  Click on the photo of who you want to befriend on FaceBook.  We promise to be good friends and not to "throw-up" business on you :-)
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