Attorney in the family

Having an attorney in the family can be very helpful.  Having an attorney that has no conscious or morals - can be equally as helpful, if you come from a darker place.

Anyone can sue anybody for anything

No one likes to be sued and anyone can sue anybody for anything...  Never forget, if you are hit with a law suit, you might not even be close to being guilty.  Yes, there are innocent people getting sued every day.

The ultimate judge

If you believe in Karma, GOD, higher powers, fate, or something else, and get sued without having done anything wrong, you can breathe easy.  However, breathing easier does not make it any less stressful.

Where is the HONOR?

What ever happened to accountability, personal code, honor, morals, and rules?  What about a phone call to someone that you think injured you, before "attorney-ing" up?  Isn't that how we used to handle things - talking, discussing, or being honest?

I mentioned the word "injured" - what was the intent, was it my mistake or error?  Was there a cleverly laid plan?  Or was it your imagination?  Are you suing the other party to damage them?  Do you want to put them out of business?  What about suing because they have "deep pockets" that folks talk about?

Watch the mirror

Simple Advice - Just make sure, when you are about to "attorney up" and sue someone, that you are well protected.  If you are suing someone as a way to earn money, just because you have made a career from suing hard working people for profit, does not make it right.  In fact, I would say it is very wrong.