Santa Clarita Business Owners, I had an epiphany today when visiting with a service/product provider who I was getting an estimate from for my car.  I seems like poles in parking lots are not very forgiving :-) I'll never tell you who hit the pole, but our kids do not drive yet and it was not me.  There are only two licensed drivers in our family...  Did I say it wasn't me :-)

Santa Clarita Radio StationAs we spoke, I mentioned our Radio Show.  Cesar is also a SCV Concierge member, and as we always talk about, if I can give business to another SCV Concierge member, then that is what I will do first and foremost.

I started asking some questions about his internet presence, his business model and how he is placed and positioned on the World Wide Web when people are searching.

I then asked about how people are searching for his type of business?  What are the words and phrases they are typing into Google?

I stopped and backed up a bit and asked if I could log onto his computer and see his website.

It was at that time that I found that I should be coming to your Computer at your Business, not having you come to me and watch me demonstrate on mine.

Learn by Doing - The first part takes 1 hour - then there are endless sessions.  Today was not planned. I am not an Search engine optimizer or seller of internet technologies.  If you need that, we have some GREAT concierge members that do that very thing.

I am a person that always stopped my Police Motorcycle at every Traffic Collision when I was going home at 0440am.  I pulled over and pushed stranded motorists out of traffic in the middle of the summer in the San Fernando Valley.  I continue to help without expectation.  I believe that people should, "Give so much that they think they have given too much - then give some more..."

We are very happy being Realtors.  But if I can help you get more business, what is the harm in that?

Real Estate business and clients come first. However, I do make time to do this part of our "touch" business.  So, give me a call when you have a chance and I'll set it up.

It could be a better first step from the Radio Show if you are a bit nervous..  I get that!