Back in the infancy of the internet - blogs were around, but nothing like they are today.

Blogs were mostly about family, photos and the more personal things. Web Log - Blog...

Star Date and all of that stuff, like Captain Kirk did on the Star Ship Enterprise.

Today, that has changed - In fact it changed quite a bit back in 2004. Blogging started a life all of its own.

Wordpress, had been around before that - but I'm talking about the refinement and the major players starting to use blogging as a way to attract clients and answer questions.

Some bloggers, in fact most bloggers, have it right. Answering questions, giving Freely and ascribing to the ways of Seth Godin. Click here for Seth Godin's blog

Giving First - that is a great motto to have and most bloggers have it.

Today, I can build my own self host Wordpress blog. There is nothing to it really. Once I did one - others were easy.

My Trainer was YouTube. Just search Youtube for this phrase - How to build a Wordpress site -. Youtube Video website

Have a look through and watch several. They will talk about hosting, how to find hosting, how to install your Wordpress website, how to choose a theme and how to refine the theme so it works well.

You will also be able to check to make sure your new self hosted Wordpress website is up and running with the best in Search Engine Optimization available. Search Engine Optimization

You may ask, why'd you want to do more than one? I suppose it will correspond on how much you want to write. To Date I have written well over 10,000 blog articles, on my platforms and on Active Rain.

That was done in the last 5 years and I'm still going strong. Let's say you are in real estate, like me.

You may want a Wordpress blog that focuses on Foreclosures and Bank Owned real estate. You may want another that talks about seller's strife and the things sellers need to know to get top dollar for their home you have listed for sale.

You might want a blog about your local community. And another about Relocation services if you offer them.

If you are in business of another sort - you will be able to successfully break down the various components of your own business to give your audience the best read and more direct answers to any questions they might have.

BE safe - Blog away and do your YouTube Search. Talk soon...