The problem comes without notice. The lead generation websites don't appear to be "lead" generation in method or description. You will see these real estate websites as wanting to be helpful and have the information you will find valuable.

Buyers beware of lead generation websites for real estateUntil you give up any information to see "more" or to be "granted" access.  

I see these in the realm when people search for foreclosures and distressed real estate. 

Of course, who does not want a great deal? We all do, so these websites pitch from that place hoping to get you to subscribe or get on their list of the top foreclosure listings hitting the market.

Sound familiar?

I'm sure it does, just beware. If you want foreclosures and other distressed real estates, unless you are a billion-dollar comp group or hedge fund, you will have limited access unless those "foreclosures" are going to sold in the Multiple Listing service.

If that is the case, which some are, I will be searching for those properties for you and give you the first notice of their availability. 

Having to register to search for homes and real estate. Gaining access to the "off-market" or "pocket listings" - Yup, you guessed it, another game.

I will explain more about this and how to find those types of listings when we meet or when you call me to be your agent. 

You will gain no advantage by giving up any of your personal information within the online forums. In fact, you will then be plagued by spam callers and tons of real estate agents and mortgage brokers wanting to have you hire them to represent you.

Your personal information is worth $$$, be careful with it.

There are better ways to search, get information, and find the best deals within the real estate world. Call me and I'll explain because Connor with HONOR is not just a clever name :)