I'm all about the plastic business cards and a sharpie marker when interacting at business events and giving out our business cards. The last thing I want to let our competition know is the "how" and the way in which our team is able to keep busy in this "depressed" real estate market.

I think it always comes down to changing as often as we can.  Being the resource for "answers" when it comes to Real Estate is very important in our Business Model.

Kevin at Code 3 Products had been making my LAPD business cards for many years, before I severed my full time service with the LAPD.  He also supplies other Local Law Enforcement Officers, Federal Marshals, FBI, CIA, FAM's, DOE, and every other three letter acronym that you can imagine, with their business cards.

In Real Estate - We have many different business card vendors.  You cannot imagine how many businesses are making a living from selling print products to Realtors.  However, Paris and I could not and would not trust anyone else with our name and brand than Kevin at Code 3 Products.

Here is the latest Card Design incorporating the new #1 RE/MAX logo.  We have also incorporated the features of our Newly Designed MacBoX which is on the home page of our Real Estate Website.

 Real Estate business cards     As you can see - the logo has been presented beautifully on the front of the "vertical" presentation piece on the card to the left.

We have also incorporated the MacBoX functionality into the back of the card.  This is where I can hand write on these Plastic Business cards any of those businesses we place onto our Radio Show.

When I am in the field and someone asks me where I like to eat Sushi, I can hand write "sushi" on the back of my card and when they go to Paris911.com and type the word Sushi into our MacBoX - they will see a post I have written about our favorite Sushi resturants in the Santa Clarita Valley.

You will also notice that we have been able to incorporate the red and blue of the Emergency Services within the Realtor and Equal Housing Logos.

Kevin is a master with design.  Get to his website at Code3Products.com and let him know what you are looking for.

Some Examples of what I am going to write on the back of these GREAT Business Cards - BE Safe and Call Kevin...

Business cards for police officers

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