When it comes to internet and SEO - those two things apply to our Real Estate Sellers.  The more places we can appear to the masses with our sellers listings - the more exposure and the more likely we are to have a buyer find it on-line.

We never want to depend on any of the Real Estate syndication websites to pitch our sellers homes that we place for sale. That is why I take their listing and push them into may other avenues on the WWW.

The say reason we own our own brand and real estate marketing platforms. The ones that are hitting at the top of Google and Bing - the Paris911 brand with REMAX of Santa Clarita CA - that is ours.  We always want to ensure that every single listings we take for our sellers starts with keyword targeted photos.

Most cameras and digital equipment name the photos with alpha numeric and numeric characters.  That just won't do when it comes to the internet and the way algorithm's pick up on the keyword named photos versus the randomly titled photos.

Plus - when we take a listing we want it to live in Pinterest - It gets our sellers more exposure and the uploading is associated with our real estate brand and our Sellers Home for Sale.

You should check out our Google Places for Local Businesses.  We are on there and would appreciate a review...

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