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Search for Open Houses by going to ! (that's ours and your personal information is protected...)

Scheduled Open houses - they are typically your best bet when it comes to viewing real estate listings when not protected by a Realtor.

You may be wondering what I mean by "protection". Basic protection is knowing what you may be getting into. That also includes knowing what open houses are actually for sale, allowing for you to have your own real estate representative and which are not.

It is becoming more and more commonplace for Santa Clarita real estate agents to host open houses at homes that are not for sale any longer. That is more common than having open houses hosted at a home that was not for sale in the first place.

They host them at homes that are in escrow, some are hosted commonly at the properties that are showing as "pending" in the Multiple Listing Service.

Pending Status is the most secure form of escrow, Pending indicates that the seller will not entertain any other offers and they are confident the one they have currently is going to finish the race to closing. If you want more information about what the Pending Status means and to view those applicable listings that are currently pending. Head to the Top local Santa Clarita real estate website,, and type into the macBox the word: Pending.

When you are searching for open houses to tour without your Realtor, just let them know you are headed out so they can arm you with the best protection.

A cross, some holy water and a gun loaded with silver bullets :)

Or, at least a dissertation on how the real estate "stealing of other agents clients" game usually goes down.

They will cover topics like, signing in at open houses that is pitched as mandatory by the Realtor hosting. They will also cover the "active listings" and the "fake listings". They should also be able to give you access to a "GPS - Global Positioning System" real estate search that shows the open houses on your smart phone, apple, ipad, android, etc... Ours is obtained by heading to and typing the letters MLS into the MacBoX.

You can also download our California Homes real estate app by heading to that same Top SCV Website of Paris911 and typing in the word: app, into the MaCBoX. Choose your platform and download our Free Real Estate App for Santa Clarita Homes.

BTW, don't fret, the app works for Southern California and it is awesome, updates every 15 minutes and is the most accurate mobile search platform available. It's directly from the Source Data - the Local Southern California Boards of Realtors.

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