financing real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley

When you are ready to relocate and ready to take the first step - get your financials in order.  Find out the price ranges of the homes you are going to be moving to.  If you are being relocated to the Santa Clarita Valley and are going to be working in the Valencia Industrial Center - Find what types of residences are available and what they cost.  You are also going to want to dig in with a Valencia CA real estate expert to pave they way to your "relocating to Santa Clarita".  If you want to see where the prices are today in the various Santa Clarita Valley cities - including Valencia CA - click here.

The past year has witnessed a large increase in Santa Clarita jumbo loans. A jumbo loan is different in high cost areas than it is in areas with more affordable cost of living but tends to encompass loans for more than $625,000. The rates for jumbo loans are higher than traditional loans and an average rate for a 30 year loan is roughly 4.22% (.6% lower than a year ago). The savings are significant for large loans and buyers are taking note.

Clearly the 1% are seeing value in today’s market, snapping up Santa Clarita luxury homes and borrowing money from private lenders. In fact this year many areas around the US boasted of selling the most expensive home ever in their particular area. Often luxury homes sell not because of price but because of what an individual property has to offer.

There is more of a savings when borrowing larger sums and jumbo loan borrowers are jumping on board. A jumbo loan is not secured by the federal government and is therefore not privy to government regulations. A recent article from The Wall Street Journal, “In Mostly Tepid Housing Recovery, 'Jumbo' Home Loans Set Hot Pace”, noted jumbo loans in the 2nd quarter of this year are up 65% compared with a year ago, a significant increase indeed. The housing recovery may be slow but these large home purchases will undoubtedly trickle down into neighboring communities and are good for all involved.

When you are surfing the WWW for a qualified Santa Clarita real estate representative - make sure you are looking at all the results on page 1.  We did a breakdown from the search results on Google for one of the most popular search phrases for those buyers and sellers of Santa Clarita Real Estate:  "Santa Clarita real estate".  Have a look to see how you can start filtering out the B.S. when it comes to Syndication sites, lead generation sites, and hack real estate websites.  We show how to find the local real estate agent websites and companies in the Santa Clarita Valley - Be Safe - Talk soon. - click here for that blog post on our Top SCV Agents Blog.