17 years later, I am not too much worse for the wear. In 1990 given admittance to the LAPD police academy at Elysian Park. I graduated with better than average skills in marksman ship and pursuit driving.

I worked 3 of the 4 bureaus, finally making Motorcycle Officer Assignment in March of 1995. On August 12, 1995, crash at 65mph 110 free way just before N/B Tunnel 1, at Hill St. My injuries were a Punctured Lung with 3 broken ribs and an assortment of other injuries.

Recovered, 2 more crashes. I worked various assignments within the LAPD.

I obtained my Real Estate License in 1998. Paris did about the same time. Paris became the full time part of our business. I kept acclimated and worked in an advertising and marketing position within our business.

It was not until I quit March 29, 2007 and became a Level 1 Reserve Officer. It was then that my focus was 100% on building Paris911®, when the blinders were removed.

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