Unfortunately, there is no App for the inventory and homes that are not "apparently" for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - Doing some research - you can see where we have come from with regard to inventory in theSCV by visiting our Inventory Page.Santa Clarita realtors and agentsWe have placed that macBox capable term within ourHead Site for Santa Clarita Real Estate- meaning, you can head over to our Main Santa Clarita real estate website and type into the MacBoX the word "inventory".  In fact,click this link and you will get to the same place for Santa Clarita real estate inventory.I will post up the most recent inventory chart below so you can have an idea ofwhere Valencia CA real estate and homes for sale inventory has been reduced to. You may not be looking to do anything with regard to real estate.  You may not be wanting to buy a home - in fact, you may be one of those that is sitting pretty.  You may have an affordable mortgage - your planets may be in alignment and all is well in your world.

Even if that is the case - this is great information to know - Have a look - you can also adjust the graph for Valencia CA real estate inventory all the way back to the height of the Santa Clarita valley real estate market back in 2007.As you can see from the chart above - Valencia seems to be lacking in the current real estate inventory.  When we have inventory issues in any city with regard to it's real estate(as of the date of this posting) for sale and you couple that with making homes affordable with regard to low interest rates and financing - you have prices on the rise.That is what we have been seeing for the past several months in the Santa Clarita real estate market.  Another interesting thing has to do with the "real estate games" that have started to rear their heads across all "for sale types" in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Here is an example of what you may want to watch out for when approaching real estate to purchase today - or even sell!A client of mine called and asked, "Hey Connor, Can you find out more about this home Gladys and I just found on-line?"  I asked, "Where did you find it?" - Gary responded, "It was not on your website - we found it when searching Zillow, it was a flyer or something like that.."  I told him,"Okay, give me about an hour, I'm just concluding a meeting."Gary was good with that, I started to do some inquiring.  The first place I go is within the localMultiple Listing Service.  I say local, but if the property is Legit and really for sale - I will find it in the MLS. In this case the property wasn't listed or sale currently.  There was no history with regard to the property either by address or home number - soI determined that it may be something that is not available or being used to generate leads for the real estate agent.A Real Estate agent can take an old listing - or maybe a friends listing and ask them if you can "feel the waters" by placing it up on some of the "Real Estate syndication websites"(as a real estate agent). All they have to do is have some of the "Real Estate lead generation" systems in place.  Upload a few photos, upload some verbiage - and hit "publish".  That home then hits the Syndication Websites as if it is for sale, when it really is not for sale :(The best way to search is to stick to your real estate agent's website. Let them do the searching or if you do find something online, like Gary and Gladys did - contact your agent post haste.  Ask them to do some further recon after you send them the link to the property.

Here is what happened in this case.  The agent used something called "Postlets" that systems allows a real estate agent to upload listing information without having the need for an active MLS - Multiple Listing Service number assigned. After publish is hit, that listing, that looks for sale, populates all of the Real Estate syndication websites.  After that, the agent starts to get inquires from those people searching for real estate on those websites that either don't have an agent or fall for the trick.In this case, the agent was trying to get his own buyer.  I called him and asked him if he was doing the BEST service to his seller by only limiting the home to his "own modest capabilities"?  He did not answer and the property "magically" hit the market the very next day.  (Was it something I said :) )  Apparently some sellers get it.  When you want the most $$$ for your home, you are going to want thousands of Hungry Real Estate agents looking for the buyer - not just your "Listing Agent".