Free tips for real estate agentsSome of you in the world of real estate have asked us how we keep up with the market trends in our Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

I will be happy to share, as always, here are some of the resources that we use when it comes to keeping up with the local real estate markets.

I am sure both of these systems are available to you, no matter where your offices are located in the United States.

In addition, the data is not expensive and the pay off, with regard to client trust and building your "expert" niche in your local market, is worth it - X100!

Let me start with Terradatum Market Metrics - this system was first used by us when it was a free service offered by the Southland Regional Association of Realtors, (srar), our local Board of Realtors.

I found this on their(the SRAR's) website and started using the platform.  It gives the data sheets to back up the graphical data. The systems are updated frequently and are driven by the local Board of Realtors housing data.  You can choose from various housing types, you can also use the system to produce market dynamics to show your real estate sellers at your next Listing Presentation.

The data is not expensive, around $10.00 a month, and you get unlimited access to what they offer.  The SRAR does not offer this as a free/sponsored service to it's members any longer - check with your board to see if it is something they offer. I gladly pay for the service, it is awesome.

Here is an example of one of the housing charts - this one is depicting Median Sold prices by Month.

Santa Clarita data chart for real estate

You can also choose PDF reports, jpeg images, or both.  This allows you to embed the pdf reports in your content writing efforts, which are like "tiny" sledgehammers in the eyes of the SERP's - Search engine results pages.

Valencia Single Family Residences Market Graph reports

The next system that I am fond of is the one provided by Altos Research systems.

Altos is "silver bullet" number II for us.  They have a lot of functionality with their Housing Market Reports - PDF enclosed below. And with all of the web embeddable tools, flash driven charts with the ability to render different time periods, for specific cities, specific zip codes and for City / County wide data.

Valencia CA Single Family residences housing update for all SCV cities

Here is an example of a Housing Data Map that is easily embeddable, it shows the current level of prices in a specific city or area or zip code, indicated by the red balloon. Each balloon is clickable, and there is an opt in box immediately available for the user to get the reports for the city or areas they want.


Here is a quick video showing the interaction of a simple flash driven housing chart for Valencia California housing - this one has been built to render the Single Family Residences. Specific Condo/Townhome charts are also available.

There is also a "widget builder" that gives data, plus another "umpteen" devices and web data resources available on their systems.

I pay somewhere in the $60.00 range a month.  I'm not an affiliate marketer for either system, I'm just a believer in housing market data and know our clients appreciate it.

I don't know if they have an affiliate system in place, if you are interested in that type of thing, you will have to ask them.

Why would I share?  Because together, we all grow stronger from the sharing. Be safe - let us know if you need any assistance or more info, I'm glad to share and help.  Be safe and thanks for sharing, watching, reading and commenting!