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Local Santa Clarita real estate agent team

Pertaining to real estate, we have some come to us thinking their agent is "sub standard". They want to work with our team for no other reason than we are seemingly more places on line and do our "local real estate updates."

I have to throw caution to the wind, just because we do these things on a daily basis, does not mean your agent is not cutting the mustard.

Be sure you are certain another realtor or real estate team can really deliver on the promises they are making you before jumping ship. When should you fire your Real Estate Agent?

That includes us. However, I do think we have something very different from some of the other real estate teams, we don't steal or solicit other real estate agent's clients.

That is a "no no" for my team and I train each of our buyers agents to never ever steal another realtors real estate client.

If you are calling around to see if the grass is truly greener - make sure you listen for the question, "Are you working with a Realtor or Real Estate agent?"

We go a step farther, I really want to know. If we have a caller say they have been looking at homes, I want to know how. If they say they are pre approved or pre qualified for a home loan, I want to know how that came about.

Are they those rare 1%ers that will do the "online work" and contact a local lender on their own? Or are they those that are working with another realtor or team of agents and who wants to change it up?

Hey, you are an adult. You have the right to work with whomever you want within the Real Estate representation realm. All I'm saying is make sure you don't jump from a real estate agent that has been working for you, showing you properties, and writing offers for no other reason than a promise by someone else.

I have a promise for you, this will pay you back in the long run...

However, if you are at a quandary with your realtor. If you don't want to continue working with them. Maybe a change is what you need. So be upfront with the next real estate agent you are going to interview. Let them know you had been working with a real estate agent and see how they are going to be different.

Don't tell them what the preceding agent had been doing. Let them tell you what they are going to do. Then you be the judge. Are they really going to be different or are they full of the same BS as the other agent was :)

Sage advice my friends. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or comments. We are REMAX of Valencia CA's Paris911 Team of Realtors serving the Greater Los Angeles Areas Real Estate needs.