Keep your personal info to yourself

When you are considering heading out to view real estate on your own - just make sure you reserve the right to keep your personal information safely in your very own custody.

When you decide to head out to a real estate office to meet with your "proposed" realtor, make sure they are going to be a good fit.Protect your personal information

Test the agent you meet with

May I suggest a little test?  What if you were to tell the agent you were going to interview that you are going to be buying in a year from now?  What do you think they would do?

I know how a "professional" would react, like you told them you were ready to buy right now.  They would always give the client what they want and serve by the client's standards.

However, most will ask you, "Why are you going to wait a year?" Then they will tell you, "It's the best time to buy right now.  The interest rates are going to go no where, but up.  You are making a mistake..." and more.

Treating clients as I want to be treated

If I want to wait a year, then I am going to wait a year.  The days of real estate being a "secret society" are gone.  You can get a lot of real estate intel on-line and from the comfort of your...  Well, anywhere...

When I want to buy something, you can bet I have done my research before heading out to meet with anyone in person.  This would have included us back in the day when we bought our first home, before we were in real estate.  However, unfortunately at that time, the internet was in it's infancy and there were no on-line resources I could have inquired with.

The worlds knowledge in your phone

Today, that game has totally changed.  That is why we want to put out the best in real estate information to keep our clients(and all clients), safe from the realtor predator.

Go ahead, tell the next realtor you are going to interview to represent you with buying or selling a home, you are going to wait a year, see what they say...

Be safe - search well and please check out the video's that we share with our clients on our YouTube channel for Real Estate knowledge.

Talk soon and thanks ahead of time for commenting and sharing.