When you give up your personal information on the web - You must consider where it is going to end up. Are you using a system that is built to generate leads and monetize each one?

I get several calls a day from "telemarketers" working for Real Estate Lead Generation companies that want me to pay for the leads they are generating.

Here is something you probably did not know. These sales people are not from the "larger" Internet Based Real Estate companies.  Those sell your information to the agents that pay for leads as well...

No, these other companies that want me to pay for their leads are capturing your data on other "micro" type sites.

The type of Websites that can be built, optimized and added to a "pay per click" campaign to get you to click and give up your personal info.

First and Foremost, if you want to keep your personal information protected check out these tips:

  • Make sure you are using a "real and local" agent.
  • Ensure that the area they mainly service is the area you are interested in.
  • If you are hunting Foreclosures - make sure they are an expert in that field of Real Estate.
  • Ask if they have access to all listing, or if they are limited in search.
  • Find out if they also can get "pre market" listings, foreclosures/short sales/regular etc.