I'm not talking about bars, dance clubs or the locals that take a fee at the door and a two drink minimum.  We are talking about Real Estate Social Media :)

Do you want your local real estate agent to be a big hit on Facebook?  What about Twitter, do you think that Twitter can sell a home?  What about Google Plus?  Where are those people that are interested in Santa Clarita real estate searching?

I can tell you that there a lot of Santa clarita real estate agents that are attempting to perform on Social Media - but few are making the cut.  Because - they are busy "performing" instead of "listening!!!

Santa Clarita real estate agents

If they were to relax and not be so much about "Use me - We are the best - We have been voted number one - We are Super Duper Agents and none are better!!!"

They may start making some headway with their sellers listings.  They may have other agents from across these United States with clients wanting to relocate to the Santa Clarita Valley reaching out to them.  We have!!!

I know we do and we are proud to be local Santa Clarita real estate agents.  Be Safe - have a look to see where the agent, of choice you are hiring, is being found on-line.