We Sell Houses - But our Business Blog for the Santa Clarita Local Businesses is breeching the top of the Search Engines when it is compared to those local Businesses - "pay for" sites.  We are Free - Did I mention that we are a Free Service for the Local Businesses that are within or contribute to the Welfare of the Santa Clarita Valley and those that live, commute or play here?Analytics Data from Google for Santa Clarita Real Estate

We are proud to lend our assistance.  I want to show you the Data from just one of our "self maintained" Blogs for the Santa Clarita Valley.

We have exceeded over 10,000 Page Views in a single month and Approaching 8,000 unique visitors on our Main Real Estate Blog site.(these numbers are only from a single Blog Site) These numbers derived from the Google Analitics data does not take into account over 370 feeds via Feedburner and our Custom Feed Domains.

These numbers do not reflect any one of our other Real Estate blog Platforms.  This is just from a single Santa Clarita Real Estate Blog site.

Enjoy and let us know when you are ready to come on our Radio Show so we can start getting you some FREE Google and Bing Exposure!

Numbers do not lie - in fact, these cannot be changed in any way - this is an impressive amount of visitors - 10% = 79 visitors - and 10% of those = almost 8 new buyers/sellers a month.  (if you are a subscriber to Real Estate Averages - In fact, I cut the guideline rules by an additional 10% :-)

Just from our Blog and not even talking about our Niche Marketing - You do the math - We can help your Local Santa Clarita Business Too!  Call The Paris911 Team with Santa Clarita Business Blog and Santa Clarita Radio.  BTW, if you are a licensed Real Estate Agent that is within the Santa Clarita Valley - We are always looking for new talent to join our Progressive SCV Real Estate Team!

We are about to unveil how you can have a Blog like the Resources we employ - it is like a Freight Train when it comes to SEO - I'll keep you posted.