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One of the reasons we love working with our Cadre of Home Inspectors is because of the advice they give to our clients.  Some are big fans of WD-40 for the inside of the shower door's (the glass ones), when they use it  it prevents the water buildup in the form of hard water spots.  Others talk about the servicing of the heating and a/c, HVAC, filter - keep it clean and your HVAC unit will work for a much longer time.

It's kind of nice having these sorts of resources at our fingertips when it comes to working with our Relocation clientele.  We have also built the best real estate Relocation Search modules possible for our REMAX Relocation clients.  I have placed one of the most current search tools attached to the map of the Santa Clarita Valley Below.

This Map Search tool will show you everything that is currently for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  You can search within the rest of Southern California too.  But take heed, we have our specific comfort zone when it comes to client care and representation.  Anywhere out side of our comfort zone, you will be referred to another of our REMAX Relocation partners.  We have a bunch, so don't fret and you can consider The Paris911 Team an added level of protection when it comes to relocation you and yours.

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Is your home prepared for winter? This is an important question to ask yourself as a home owner. Preparedness is essential at any time of year but before winter hits it is more prevalent than ever. Prepping both the outside and the inside of your home will make the seasonal transition easier.

Projects on the outside of your home include clearing your gutters of leaves and debris; snow and ice build up in gutters, the extra debris hinders any water flow and weighs the gutters down. It is also important to blow out your sprinkler lines and disconnect all hoes from outside faucets. Water left in irrigation lines can burst them, causing excessive leaking in the spring when they are re-started. In addition the water in your hoses or irrigation pipes can burst the pipes that lead back into your home once freezing temperatures hit.

Inside your home it is important to check for leak in all the joints, including windows and doors. Air leaks can cost you when it comes to your heating bills. In addition, if you have a fireplace make sure a chimney sweep inspects it and your fireplace. A clean, operable fireplace is a safe fireplace.

Many tasks related to preparing your home for winter you can do on your own, and other tasks may need the assistance of a professional. Regardless, it is of the essence for home owners to do a once-over. Taking care of your home helps to maintain its value and your well-being at the same time.

We have placed many different tools to assist you with your relocation needs at the Top Santa Clarita REMAX Website of Paris911 dot com.  Have a look and click on this Santa Clarita real estate link to go there now.

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