We know you love to search on-line.Even after we set our clients up on a real estate search, they still search for homes on-line. We talk about the syndication websites and about how they are built with lead generation in mind and how they are going to sell our clients personal and private information.  But....  Our clients still search for real estate on-line...   We inform...   (you get the gist..)Be safe and learn about real estate before jumping inHowever, I totally get it.  I would want to do a bit of research myself.  If I were buying a home and were not in the business, I would have some questions looking on line versus what real estate my agent is showing me.

  • Why is it that I am seeing 100's of listings for sale and my agent's website is only showing less than 20?
  • Why is my agent's website saying that this home has sold, when I see it for sale?
  • Why am I getting told, from the agent the syndication site had call me, that the home is available, when my own agent is saying it's not?
Interesting yes?  While we have learned a lot from our Real estate search systems.  Which ones work the best and which ones fall short of the mark. I love to interview the developers of the Newest in Real estate Technology and see what is best for me to buy so my clients can use it.Unfortunately - some of the "others" in the real estate game don't feel the same way when it comes to "Search". They could care less if what their clients were searching for was accurate.  They have too much of a "commission" based focus and not a "relational" one.